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Video: Reebok EasyTone shoe commercial proves that sex sells shoes

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:00pm


So here' s the big question in a nutshell?

Can buying and wearing the new Reebok EastTone shoes give you the butt of a 19-year-old fitness model?

The commercial below claims that wearing the new shoes will tone your behind 28 percent more than a regular sneaker, "just by walking."

Which may or may not be true, but here are a few facts that are most certainly true:

1) You can' t have the butt of this 19-year-old fitness model unless you are this 19-year-old fitness model.

2) You won' t tone your butt by wearing this or any other shoe unless you actually go out and do a significant amount of walking.

3) Running, or any endurance sport, and vigorous strength exercise will always tone your behind much faster and better than just buying a leg/butt toning shoe and walking to your car.

4) Sex sells shoes.

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