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Video: Could helmet mounted video cams be the best way to make cycling safer?

Posted Jun 17 2010 10:03am


There's an old saying in the computer world.

There are two types of computer users: those have had their computers infected by a virus and thus who will.

Unfortunately it is the same way with cycling. If you do enough of biking there are just two types of cyclist. Those who have been hit by a car and those who will.

That's why we found this video so interesting. The video description says;

"First day out with the new camera. Involved in a 20mph head on collision with a motorist who didn't see me on the roundabout. I bounced off my face and flipped over a couple of times landing about 4m away, Cracked the helmet but luckily sustained mostly cuts and bruises, nothing broken. Smashed up my nose and face a bit, swollen fingers and some deep road rash. The camera performed flawlessly and continued working all through the incident. The police were very pleased to have the video for their investigation."

In other words, perhaps the best way to keep drivers honest is to record accidents or near accidents? We can't tell you how many times we've almost been hit by a car.

Under those circumstances a helmet cam record of the near accident would have been a great bit of evidence for local police to use to catch the driver.

Warning: The video contains a little bit of blood and it can be somewhat disturbing to watch.

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