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Video: Biggest Loser 2010 kicks off season with heaviest cast and biggest week 1 weight loss

Posted Jan 06 2010 8:40am

Mike Can you imagine losing 34 pounds in one week?

That's almost 5 pounds per day, and that's the amount that Mike from Biggest Loser 2010  Season 9, Episode 1 lost.

Of course Mike started out as the Biggest Loser 2010 heaviest cast member ever...starting out with an incredible weight of 526 pounds.

Perhaps the funniest moment of the entire show came when Mike learned that he had lost 34 pounds and quickly asked, "Are my abs showin'?''

To kick of the show the team's also had to ride the equivalent of 26.2 miles (or a marathon) on a stationary bike. From an endurance point of view this is not a very long bike ride, but it was certainly a struggle for most teams as many of the cast members had not ridden any kind of bike, stationary or otherwise, in a very long time.

There was lots of grunting and yelling throughout the entire episode as the trainers began to work the cast members.

In the end James, one of the twins, was sent home packing.

According to the results of the first week are below:

Green Team: Migdalia: -13 pounds. Miggy: -16 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 5.74 percent.

Grey Team: Sam: -18 pounds. Koli: -29 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 6.06 percent.

Orange Team: Cheryl: -14 pounds. Daris: -29 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 7.50 percent.

Black Team: Andrea: -14 pounds. Darrell: -30 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 6.19 percent.

Brown Team: James: -23 pounds. John: -23 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 4.75 percent.

Red Team: Melissa: -19 pounds. Lance: -21 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 6.69 percent.

Purple Team: Patti: -23 pounds. Stephanie: -18 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 8.09 percent.

Pink Team: Ashley: -21 pounds. Sherry: -17 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 6.42 percent.

White Team: Maria: -13 pounds. Mike: -34 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 5.82 percent.

Check out the cast members below of the Biggest Loser 2010 before the video is puller by Youtube.

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