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Posted Mar 02 2008 12:00am

It seems that it has been a few weeks since we last spoke. 

To update- I went cruising.....and now my legs are peeling from sunburn. Aruba. All and all it was a good trip. I have reconfirmed that my family is crazy and completely dysfunctional. 

I feel like I am starting a new segment of life tomorrow. Not sure why really. I have been sicker then sick recently with a stomach bug...which resulted in being with Cipro- that for Anthrax? Who knows. I do know that the bottle says that one of the major side effects is stomach problems. Seems rather counterproductive. Whatever. 

Work is going to be a trip this next month. I have to somehow test 40 kids in a month. Therefore-I have to cancel my mandated counseling in order to get through a million middle in order to prep for the 6 weeks of annual reviews I have to run. I am overwhelmed already. 

That brings me to my next issue. Jury duty. I have it tomorrow. And no...I am not going. There is no way that I can test 40 kids in a month and go to jury duty at the same time. It is just not possible. So- hopefully the NY jury duty people will take pity on me-and if not...I am going to jail. 

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