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Underground Training Tactics For Enhancing Endurance – Part 1

Posted Apr 06 2013 10:06pm

We ended the last section of Part 1 by discovering the two best ways to build endurance: polarized training with lots of hours (using the 80/20 approach ) or HIIT training with relatively fewer hours (using the “ Ancestral Athlete ” approach).

But regardless of which of those two endurance training methods you choose, there are a variety of little-known, “underground” tactics you can implement to enhance your training effectiveness and efficiency – endurance training strategies that tend to fly under the radar, but can give you lots of bang for your buck if you implement them into your program. These tactics come in especially handy if:

A) time management is important to you; 

B) you want to figure out ways to strength your cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous system without significant damage to your joints, health, or metabolism.

Later, in Part 3, I’ll show you additional tactics you can use to significantly speed recovery – but in this chapter, we’re going to focus specifically on training strategies for enhancing endurance.

So let’s jump right in, and as usual, leave your questions, comments, edits and feedback below the post.

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