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Two weeks and then two weeks!

Posted Oct 07 2010 12:14pm
I’ve been training or racing either running races or triathlons since February of this year. And in two weeks I will run the Columbia Gorge Marathon which will be my 18th marathon and starting as soon as I cross that finish line – NOTHING. I am going to take two weeks completely off of swimming, biking and running. Two weeks off to heal these old bones…and tendons…and muscles…everything. I am ready. But, I still have one more race to run this year and I plan to run it hard and go after the Age Group win. In order to have a shot at that I’ve been getting in plenty of training miles and here is a recap on how those have gone.

Thursday the 30th I was up and out the door at 4:30AM for hard effort near-marathon-pace run in the pre-dawn darkness. Even at that hour it was quite warm outside!
Stats for Thursday’s run: 11-miles in 1:19:21 @ 7:13/m pace.

Friday I was able to get out of the office for a midday run on a beautiful fall day. I decided to run the hills of Rocky Butte and it was so nice outside and I felt so good that I turned around and ran Rocky Butte again in the opposite direction. I nailed my pacing target even with all the hills that day!
Stats for Friday’s run: 12.1-miles in 1:30:20 @ 7:30/m pace.

Saturday the 2nd was my last long, long run. And it was a long one. I decided to run along the Willamette River this weekend again which is always nice. I got myself downtown and was running at 6:30am and before long the sun was coming up, the mist was rising off the river and scenery made the drive down worth it. I ran the Waterfront Park seawall section first before crossing over the Sellwood Bridge and picking up the Springwater Corridor Trail. On that I ran several miles out before turning around and running back to the Sellwood Bridge again but this time I continued on the trail to the Eastside Esplanade along the river and then eventually the return to Grand Central Bakery and my car. This was a long ways to run but I was able to negative split the distance, keep running strong the whole time and come in 6-seconds/m under goal pace without really trying too hard. It was an awesome run and I topped it off with meeting my daughter at Grand Central for coffee and food afterwards.
Stats for Saturday’s run: 22-miles in 2:42:48 @ 7:24/m pace.

Monday I was back outside at 4:30AM and this time it was cold! I had to pull the sleeves down over my fingers to keep them from going numb.
Stats for Monday’s run: 10.1-miles in 1:15:58 @ 7:32/m pace.

Tuesday the 5th I actually had to be outside at 4:15AM due to a class I didn’t want to be late to. And again it was cold but this time I busted out the gloves. This run included 4x1m repeats with ½-mile recovery.
Stats for Tuesday’s run: 9-miles in 1:05:15 @ 7:15/m pace.

Wednesday’s run was another 4:15AM out the door with gloves and layers on as it was cold! A perfectly clear sky and many stars but cold. I felt a bit sluggish on this one and never really felt like I got it rolling very well. But I got it done.
Stats for Wednesday’s run 10-miles in 1:16:17 @ 7:38/m pace.

And lastly, this morning I got to sleep in a bit and wasn’t outside until 4:40AM. Today’s workout was a tempo run and for that I started out with two easy miles then cranked the pace up for five miles before ending with another easy two miles.
Stats for Thursday’s run: 9.1-miles in 1:06:57 @ 7:21/m pace.

Today is my Friday! I’m taking tomorrow off so I can go with my wife to Seven Feathers Resort and Casino for the weekend. It won’t be all fun and games though because she is competing in her 2nd bikini/fitness competition in the Seven Feathers Classic ! I am so very, very proud of the hard work and dedication she has put into getting her body ready for this show. She looks amazing and her diet is not something I could handle so it is very impressive. I really want her to do well in her division and I’m confident she will. She’s done the work.

Thanks for stopping by…
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