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Two easy steps to triathlon carbohydrate nirvana

Posted Jun 26 2010 10:37am


When discussing triathlon carbohydrate intake and how carbs should be worked into your day-to-day nutrition routine, the following is the one single important aspect of human body science that you need to understand if they want your bodies to feel better, perform better and look better.

Here it is: Insulin is a hormone secreted by an organ called the pancreas. Its role is to take blood sugar and get that sugar into muscles, to be utilized for energy. Unfortunately, if insulin levels are always high, then the sensitive insulin receptors on your body's cells eventually become unresponsive to insulin, resulting in a host of problems related to what is called "insulin insensitivity". These problems can include weight gain, fatigue, appetite cravings, and even cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

If you want to control your insulin levels and triathlon carbohydrate intake, there are two very important things you can instantly do.

1) Don't Go Hungry.

If you're going more than 4 hours between meals, it's likely that your blood sugar levels are dropping very low. When this happens, and you eventually do eat, you're more like to eat more and to eat more carbohydrates. As a result, your blood sugar levels rise more rapidly than usual, resulting in a big surge in insulin levels. 

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So rather than waiting to eat until you're about to gnaw off your arm, give yourself a rule of snacking or eating at least every 3 hours. By planning, preparing, packaging and pre-cooking, you'll ensure that you have adequate snacks on hand to make this form of triathlon carbohydrate intake happen.

2) Choose Carbs Wisely.

The more quickly a sugar is released into the bloodstream, the faster your insulin levels are going to rise. Some carbs are "quick-release" carbs and include more sport drinks, candy, cookies and sweet tasting compounds. Other carbs, are "slow-release" carbs, and the best ones are lean dairy foods, vegetable carbs like carrots and squash, nuts and seeds, pears, berries and green apples. For proper triathlon carbohydrate intake, choose the quick-release carbs only before, during and after exercise, and use the slow-release carbs the rest of the day.

With these two simple rules, you can suddenly have enormous control over your insulin levels, your health, your performance and your body and although there is obviously much more to consider when it comes to triathlon carbohydrate intake, these two rules are a good place to start. For more information on triathlon carbohydrate intake, simply visit:

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