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Triathlon tips for beginners

Posted by Swati S.

Triathlons are great, fun events but can quite taxing, especially for beginners. If you are a new participant in a triathlon event, here are a few tips to help you enjoy the event. 1. If you are not a hardy, outdoor type, or if you have doubts about your physical fitness, do check up with a doctor before signing up. 2. Don't push your body to take on more than it can handle. There are some people who have been training for years, and they are going to be faster, and that's okay. The point is that you should feel proud of what you are doing and don't get pressurized into competing too hard with somebody else. 3. For training before the event, you can join a local triathlon club. 4. To avoid wasting too much time putting on your helmet, practice clipping and unclipping your helmet in actual event conditions -- for example, with wet fingers and slightly out of breath. 5. Carry a sports drink with you to avoid dehydration. 6. Know the rules and follow them. Drafting is a common mistake a lot of people make, so be careful while overtaking other participants on a bike. 7. For winning, a positive attitude is as important as physical fitness.
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