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Triathlon-Getting Started

Posted by Kristen D.

As I imagine Wellsphere members liklely visit this community even if they've never participated in a triathlon, I'd like them to have an idea of what it takes to get started from our seasoned triathletes.

Please comment and post any beginners tips you can offer!

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#1) Triathlon is supposed to be fun. So have fun with it and dont kill yourself training. I tend to go through cycles where triathlon starts to take over my life and I have to remind myself to take a step back and remember why I got into the sport in the first place.

#2) My coach once told me, "Jay, I am the rocket scientist and you are the rocket" When you are racing you will not be able to think clearly. That is why it is imparitive that you plan out your transition area and PRACTICE with your setup before your race. That way you dont have to think very much during the race and you can focus on... racing. :)

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