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Triathelon Training Tips?

Posted by Lindy K.

I've run half-marathons and one full marathon...I'm ready to bump it up a level and do a triathelon. I've given myself a time frame of a year so as not to rush myself. I'd love any tips that could help me in this process...I'd just to hear from people who have participated in triathelons before or even people who are currently training for their first! The more help, the better!
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Look around your area to see if you can find a group to bike with and a masters swim to swim with.  That will really help out.  I know that if I didn't have people waiting for me at 5am tomorrow morning to run twenty miles...I would not get up!  :)  But it really does help out to have people to train with...not only for converstaion..but for help!  I knew nothing about bikes - thank goodness for my training partners to give me pointers for things that I was doing wrong!  :)   Good luck!!
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