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Trendy Casual Continued

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:04pm

Huge thanks to everyone who helped enlighten me as to what trendy casual consists of. Seriously guys - you are the best! And of course I loved your answers because just about everyone okayed the jeans. Hey, if Craig Alexander can wear jeans to dinner, I surely can too!

The problem is, I'm not sure I own the trendy, designer jeans everyone seems to be talking about. I came home from work today and sifted through my collection. Nope. None of those will do! So I decided on a skirt instead. Yes - a skirt! I own about 3 of them. And before you start wondering, remember, I work in a hospital. Where I wear scrubs every day. And running shoes. Then, I come home and put on running shorts or cycling shorts or a swim suit. Oh, and did I mention I wear shorts and jeans to church? You just can't take me anywhere...

Anyway, the problem with the skirt was footwear. I do have several pairs of nice shoes but they are all uncomfortable and lets just say won't be worn before a race. What can I say - my feet are spoiled. (but surprisingly still quite cranky - I don't think they know how good they have it!) So sandels are the obvious answer. And sandels now appear to be safe. If anyone asks, the sandels are the "casual" portion of my "trendy casual". I hope my mom isn't reading this.

Regardless, I have to admit that Courtenay hit the nail on the head when she warned (in caps no less) "NO HRM WATCH." Good call on that one Courtenay. I surely would have shown up in it!

So that's where we stand on the trendy casual. I'm sure you are all quite relieved that that's been settled. :)

In other news, our dog is in the bathtub. She is so weird. It's a little windy outside and raining lightly. Any time a storm seems even remotely possible, she heads directly for cover in the bathroom. Usually in the tub but sometimes behind the toilet. I've stopped trying to get her out.

As for training, yesterday I hit up the track for a light workout and today I swam (in the am) and did some short intervals on the bike in the pm. Tomorrow is a day off!

Good night everyone!

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