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Transition triathlon plan - what are your weaknesses?

Posted Nov 19 2013 7:41pm

For example, if you are changing dietary habits and decide to bring your lunch to work instead of ordering out, your kitchen must have Tupperware.


So even for myself, even the most determined, motivated and well-fueled person can experience a set-back if the body is not strong enough to tolerate a season of training and racing. And even if the set-back could not be prevented, it is still a learning experience.

And this thinking isn't limited to athletes. It's far too common that individuals will move too quickly with exercise when motivation is high or a goal is high on the priority list and without focusing on the smaller things (ex. is your glute medius strong enough to keep you running with good form when you "exercise"? Are you maintaining good flexibility to keep your body from getting tight?)

The goal of the plan is to not make you fast, strong or powerful now. The goal is to help you progress consistently with training/exercise so that you can have a successful season (or exercise routine) ahead of you. With a strong, healthy body throughout the season, you will be able to show off your fitness down the road when it counts.

As for now - focus on your weaknesses when no one is watching.

We can't wait to hear what you think of the plan, especially after you finish week 5 and "test" your fitness.

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