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Training Through A Triathlon Injury

Posted Feb 05 2011 9:26am
With cold weather upon us, a triathlon injury can become more frequent. Not only do we return to cross-training and and other winter sports, but the lower temperatures decrease elasticity of tendons and ligaments, resulting in increased susceptibility to injury. So if you've hobbled out of a workout lately and complained about "not being able to exercise" in the presence of a shoulder, knee, back, or ankle triathlon injury...nonsense!

While you want to follow the doctor's recommendation for movement with a triathlon injury or "messed-up" joint, there's no reason that you can't stay in lean, fit shape while rehabilitating. It's just going to take a
modification of your training program - the key being to keep stress off the triathlon injury. Try the following workout programs with these 4 common triathlon injuries:

1. Ankle & Foot Triathlon Injury

Perform the following workout 3x/week, with 48 hours rest between each workout.

Complete 15 repetitions for each exercise.

Complete the two exercises back to back with minimal rest, then move on to the cardio booster.

Complete 60 seconds for each cardio booster.

Move 3-4x through these 3 stations (exercise 1 + exercise 2 + cardio booster)
Then move on to the next triple set!
Perform 30-60 minutes non-weight bearing cardio, like swimming or cycling, on the non-weight lifting days.
Machine Leg Extensions + Machine Leg Curls + Bicycle Cardio Booster
Incline Dumbbell Chest Press + Lat Pulldown + Rowing Machine or Elliptical Cardio Booster
Stability Ball Push-Up + Single Arm Dumbbell Row + Bicycle Cardio Booster
Weighted Crunches + Hanging Leg Raise + Bicycle Cardio Booster

2. Knee Triathlon Injury

Complete the following series of exercises as a circuit, moving from one exercise to the next with minimal rest.

Do the entire circuit 3-4x.
Complete 10 repetitions for each exercise.
Do Circuit 1 and Circuit 2 on alternating days
Circuit 1:
Seated Overhead Shoulder Press
Pull-Up or Assisted Pull-Up
Lying Dumbbell Chest Press
Seated Row
Incline Dumbbell Chest Press
Lat Pulldown
Circuit 2
Seated Med Ball Torso Twist
Med Ball Crunch
Side Plank Raises
Med Ball Push-Ups
5 Second Front Plank Hold
Corkscrew Rotations in Push-Up Position

3. Shoulder Triathlon Injury

Complete the following mini-circuits 5x through every day for three days. do #1 on Day 1, #2 on Day 2, #3 on Day 3. Take one day rest, then repeat.

Mini-Circuit 1:
2 minute bicycle at 100%
20 Barbell Squats
20 Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
Mini-Circuit 2:
2 minute elliptical at 100%
20 Incline Crunches
20 Low Back Extensions
Mini-Circuit 3:
2 minute treadmill at 100%
20 Lunge Jumps
20 Horizontal Jumps

4. Low Back Triathlon Injury

Complete the following circuit 3x during the week.
Perform 30 seconds for each exercise, then rest 15 seconds and move on.
Do the entire circuit 4-6x.
Complete 30-60 minutes of non-weight bearing cardio on the non-weightlifting days.
Machine Chest Press
Lat Pulldown
Machine Shoulder Press
Seated Rows
Stability Ball Squats
Machine Leg Extensions
Machine Leg Curls

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