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Training: 1/21/13 - 1/27/13

Posted Jan 28 2013 6:30am
Mini-WOD 1-12-13

Monday: Run, then mini-WOD
    Sunny but COLD at less than 10 degrees! Got a slight ice cream headache at first, but didn't last long. Thought I might be overdressed, but was glad for many layers, though balaclava and thicker gloves stayed in my pockets. Followed up with a mini-WOD to try CrossFit out at home and also introduce it to my 12 year old son -- he liked it, I think:
Tuesday: CrossFit
  • AMRAP (the WOD style I like the least) in 12 minutes:
    • 3 Handstand Push-ups (I did a handstand hold)
    • 6 Pistols
    • 9 Pull-ups
  • Post Workout: Perform 1 max Ab Plank for time.
AMRAPs are the worst, because just when you feel like you're going to die, you look at the clock and there is still time remaining. No one wants to just stand there looking foolish, so somehow you don't pass out, but instead keep adding reps. Really tough mentally.

Thursday: CrossFit

Didn't think I'd make it today -- out of sheer laziness opted to skip the 5:30 AM session, but then the 9:00 AM and 10:00 weren't possibilities because the plumber was here and Munchkin had tee-ball at 10:00. Afternoon was out because Laima and were going out to dinner for a restaurant review (tough life, I know). Happily the plumber finished quickly and I scooted over to the 10:00 AM. Only 2 of us, which was nice from getting personal attention, but it also meant I couldn't hide either.
  • Strength: Front Squat – another new one for me
  • Conditioning
    • 21-15-9 Reps For Time:
  • Post Workout:1 minute max sit-ups
Even with bands assisting me, the ring dips were tough!  So happy I found CrossFit -- even though I get my ass kicked regularly by the workouts, it's exactly what I need: more strength and better overall fitness.

Yaktrax Runs
Friday: Run
  • Hard to believe, but this morning we saw the first measurable amount of snowfall - we set a record here in the Chicago area for how long we haven't had at least an inch of snow (which I was glad for). With this opportunity, Laima and I headed over to Maple Woods to try out our Yaktrax Runs, which we received to review way back on October 26th!
Sunday: CrossFit

    Really tough WOD today, but since we were partnered, Mike was able to pick up some of the slack, thankfully. 20 minute cap (changed to 25 towards the end):

Decent week overall -- still having to take multiple days off between sessions, especially when I learn a new skill. Taking the long view, not expecting results overnight, working on form and staying uninjured to the greatest extent possible.
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