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Training: 1/14/13 - 1/20/13

Posted Jan 21 2013 6:59am
CrossFit Amplify WOD 1-15-13

Tuesday: CrossFit
  • So nice to finally be back! Was a bit worried that I would strain the arm again, but Coach Mike worked with me to make sure everything stayed fine. Power Snatches were the strength move of the day, nice to learn a new lift. I used PVC pipe, so no weight, minimal strain. Almost asked fora barbell, but why hurry?
  • The WOD was modified for me in that I did no Power Snatches, but instead did sit-ups - ugh, I think I would have preferred the Snatches instead. 12 box jumps, 24 sit-ups, then a 2 minute plank to close it out. Looking forward to Thursday already and a chance to test the arm again!
  • Thursday: Run
    • After our TM starting spewing black smoke a month or so ago, I stopped using it for a while before trying to fix it. Opening up the motor and vacuuming the accumulated dust was the first step, followed by oiling the machine per instructions. Today I tried it out, but think it might need more serious attention from a professional. The speed seemed inconsistent, speeding up and slowing down. After about 20 minutes, I also started smelling the burning odor from before. Bummer. With the kitchen remodel, no funds are available to have this fixed, but luckily the winter has been pretty mild so far, so outdoors has been relatively comfortable.
    CrossFit Amplify WOD 1-18-13
    Friday: CrossFit
      Definitely more mobility has returned, soreness mostly gone, but the arm is still swollen, kind of bizarre. Headed over to CrossFit Amplify, and, after consultation with Coach Mike, decided to go with a low weight today. Used just the barbell today, no additional weight, felt pretty good, glad I'm staying patient -- power snatches were not too difficult with minimal weight, my form should be a bit better when I do add weight. Learned how to do doubleunders today, turns out the jump has to be a lot higher than you think for them to happen. WOD today: 7 rounds -- 30 seconds doubleunders, 30 seconds power snatches, 1 minute rest. I ended up with 51 total reps, 27 doubleunders and 24 power snatches, pretty happy with it being two new moves learned and taking it easy on my arm. 
    Saturday: Running
      January 19th, 39 degrees -- I ran in shorts, who'd have thunk it? By mile 2, no longer needed gloves, jacket, or ear protection. Really nice run to and then through Maple Woods Forest Preserve on the trails, then home. Feel like CrossFit overall has made running easier, though it's still not easy, but feel stronger longer.

    Sunday: CrossFit
      WOD: Team Fight Gone Bad -- (Scaled) with a partner, 3 rounds of 30 wall balls, 30 sumo deadliest high pulls, 30 box jumps, 30 push presses, 20 calorie row, 10 minutes per round, then 1 minute rest. My partner Jason and I managed rounds of 6:45, 6:42, and 5:55 -- he really pushed me! 
    A good week overall, feeling pretty good about the recovery from my arm injury -- the swelling is still hanging around, but it's not interfering with the WODs or running. Making decent progress towards my goal of CrossFit 4 times a week, with 2 or more runs. As I get stronger and the weather improves, I hope to run or cycle to CrossFit, to add more running and bring back cycling.
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