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Top four Insider tips for rocking a women's triathlon

Posted Jan 30 2010 4:47pm
Women's triathlons are all the rage these days. So I've put together some insider tips for you to rock your race at the next all-female event. Dudes - feel free to read and pass these tips on to your wife, girlfriend, mom or sister. Heck, you might even be able to use a few of the tips yourself. Just don't don a skirt and try to sneak into the race.

Women's Triathlon Insider Tip 1.

A women's triathlon will most likely consist of a wave start, which means that you'll leave with smaller group of other women in your age category. Some people think that wave starts tend to be a bit less brutal than a mass start, but I beg to differ. It only takes a half-dozen women swimming in your space to make you feel like you're in a washing machine.

Here's your women's triathlon insider tip 1: when you line up on the beach, don't sight off the first buoy that you see. Instead, sight off the first buoy that you're supposed to TURN AROUND, and plan to swim straight to that buoy. All the other buoys up to that point are just there to serve as a rough guide. If you follow them, you're likely to zig-zag and get stuck with the rest of the group who didn't read this article.

Women's Triathlon Insider Tip 2.

Assuming you are wearing bike shoes and cleats, if you can get out of your shoes early, it will help tremendously with decreasing your transition time.

Here's how to do it: wait until your are on a slight, controlled downhill or a flat, then, when the knee of your right leg comes up towards the top tube, unstrap the shoe, slip your foot out and then place your bare foot on top of the shoe. Pedal a few times to get your speed back up, then do the same thing with the left side. If you're going slow, it will be difficult to balance, so make sure you've got some forward velocity when you use this insider tip.


Women's Triathlon Insider Tip 3:

When you first come off the bike, your legs are actually quite accustomed to turning over at a rapid pace, especially if you haven't been mashing gears. For this reason, don't "stride out" when you run, especially for that first half mile or so. Instead, take baby steps and focus on a high cadence and relaxed pace.

This will help you avoid that feeling of having bricks attached to your running shoes. It will almost feel like you're "shuffling", but as long as you lean forward, this style of running is quite efficient when you first get off the bike. Eventually, once you've found your running legs and running no longer feels like an alien activity, start to lengthen your stride just a bit and speed up.

Women's Triathlon Insider Tip 4:

Everybody seems to think that men are the people with the brash egos and the tendency to intimidate or be intimated by physical appearances. But based on the nervous glances, strutting, and sizing-up that occurs prior to any women's triathlon, it's pretty apparent that women are the same way, especially when competition is involved. So don't psyche yourself out or let others do so. No matter how fast or fit someone looks, you never know how good they actually are until the smoke clears at the finish line. So be quietly confident, trust your fitness, and go out and rock the race you've prepared for!

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