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Too Much Fun

Posted Sep 01 2012 12:30pm

This weekend was all about FUN!  And tons of it.

I’ve been on a bit of a two week break from training due to a tight hamstring.  Myself, my PT and my bodyworker all decided a little down time from training and a lot of time down on the PT/Massage table would suit me well.  And of course, I was happy to oblige!  One thing I learned since having adrenal fatigue is that I can actually enjoy and embrace time away from training.

When I’m not busy training all day long on the weekends I actually have time for other fun activities that have nothing to do with me breaking a sweat or hitting a heart rate zone.  You’ll notice I said- I ‘m not busy- doesn’t mean that I won’t be watching others sweating their butts off!

Saturday I showed up in Golden to watch the start of the 6th Stage of the US Pro Cycling Challenge.  The cyclists started at 11:10 and it was nothing short of spectacular!   The rush of seeing all these pros come through 3 times, the spectators screaming and yelling, horns honking.  FUN! That’s all I can say!  Well, how about inspiring also!

As the pros began the first loop it was like a slow warm up with the parade of cars.  The second loop was a bit faster then soon after they cyclists came through full charging and headed out of town towards Boulder.  The 6th Stage had begun!

Everyone then moved into the park to watch the live feed on the big screen that was set up.  I moved over the the Newton Tent where I helped out for a few hours.   I love talking about Newton Running Shoes. First because I LOVE running in them and second because I believe in these shoes so much.  Anyone who tries them loves em (ok 99%) and those that have pain from running…well that pain disappears!

After a few errands throughout the afternoon I headed back to Golden for more of the festivities.  Rock band, dinner overlooking Clear Creek, little walk along the path and then finishing the night up with fro yo while watching fireworks!  It was pretty nice to live like a “normal” person and be out late enjoying an evening and not worrying about being on my feet all day and staying out late!!!!

And keeping up with the theme of the US PRO Challenge for the weekend…of course I had to meet friends for the Time Trial down 17th Ave.  More spectacular fun!!!!!

It was amazing the support and the numbers of people who where out in Denver watching the 7th and final stage of the USPCC!  There were people lined up for MILES! Literally MILES!  I got goose bumps every time I really thought about it.  Thousands of people watching the race.  Amazing!  Also it was amazing to watch these pro cyclists speeding down the road on their TT bikes!  The roar of the crowd, the honking of the support cars, all added to the excitement of the day.

And then there came George Hincapie!  The crowd went absolutely wild!  Wild!  The cheering was insane!  This was Georges LAST race ever.  The last time he would ever ride competitively.  And we all knew it and stood up in honor of a great man and cyclist.


The final cyclist road the course and then….it was all over!  4 hours of fun and screaming where done.  It was kinda sad!  But not too sad……..

One thing I didn’t mention is all day long I had been tracking my friends at Ironman Canada.  It was nerve-racking and exciting at the same time.  You see, my good friend Kendra Lee was in first place!  Not just in her age group but first place over all.  She was racing faster than the pro women!!!  I was glued to my phone constantly checking IronTrac app and waiting.  Waiting for the next split and then for the final time!  And when the final time came in….Kendra ended up with the fasted time of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so excited I started to cry!  Here was my friend, one of the kindest woman I have ever know,  my fella KompetitiveEdge teammate, she had just WON IRONMAN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!  Absolutely Amazing!!  Go Kendra!

The weekend was topped off with a BBQ at a friends house enjoying hot dogs and S’more cookies!

I couldn’t have had a more relaxing and fun weekend.  And I know if I wasn’t taking this time off, I wouldn’t have been able to participate in the activities I did.  So even though I had to take time away from training, I got to enjoy some pretty amazing spectating of other people’s sweat and high heart rates!



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