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Toe Trauma (Drama)

Posted Jun 05 2011 4:50pm

Let me start by saying...

Eagleman is only 1 weeks away! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Which can only mean one thing. Taper. Which again can only mean one thing. Random injuries. :)

This past week I was not immune from the random phantom (and sometimes real) pains that you think you feel (or do you really feel them?) that arise before a big race. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one!

My feet were the culprits this time around.

First, on Tuesday after a hard bike and then a hard (HOT HOT HOT) track workout, my right foot started to bug me a little. I noticed it almost immediately after I was done with my run. And although my feet usually ache and cause me some problems, this was a NEW pain (ball of foot near pinky toe).

Cue weeping and gnashing of teeth. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Actually, I did a pretty good job of not thinking too much about it. I have been in sports long enough to know that pains come and it's always best not to get too worked up about anything.

Still, when I awoke Wednesday, the pain was still there. Luckily I only had a swim and lift Wednesday, neither of which I figured would be too brutal on the foot. It did hurt a touch pushing off the wall but otherwise I finished my workouts without trouble.

Walking around the hospital all day on Wed, I could still feel it. Ouch. Like every time I step. Ouch ouch! BUT lucky for me, I had my weekly ART appointment after work Wednesday. It went something like this:

Me: Brad (who we will call Mr. Miracle Worker) my foooooot hurts. Wahhhhh!

Mr. Miracle Worker: Where?

Me (pointing to pain): But I can't really pinpoint it too well. I can really only make it hurt when I walk on it.

Mr. Miracle Worker (digging around foot...digging...digging...): It's right here isn't it? Do I have the spot? (before I even had time to react)

Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You sure do have the spot. It's crunchy!! (anyone who has had any type of soft tissue injury totally understands when I say something feels "crunchy")

He proceeded to work and dig and OUCH did it hurt. When I left the office it still hurt to walk on but by the next morning? Pain gone. Just like that. I did a bike workout Thursday morning with no pain. Walked around the hospital all day Thursday with no pain. And because it felt so much better I allowed myself to do my run workout Thursday evening and again...NO PAIN!

Mr. Miracle Worker - I think I love you!

But because that wasn't enough toe trauma drama for one week, I decided to jam (and I mean JAM!) my toe on my LEFT foot into my desk early Saturday morning.

#$%#G$#WRFDQ#G$^#$R%#$ did that hurt!

Actually, at first I didn't think much of it but when it was throbbing 30 minutes later STILL, I started to worry I actually broke my toe.

Exhibit A: (the picture doesn't do it much justice but I think you can tell which one isn't like the others)


On Saturday I had a swim/bike/run on the schedule, none of which were completed by the time I killed my poor toe. Dang.

I decided to go to the pool anyway where I did my entire swim and felt my throbbing toe for the entire time. Uh-oh.

I came home from my swim and did what any normal person would do. I googled it! "Broken toe vs stubbed toe". Unfortunately, Mr. Google didn't have any definitive answers for me. All I knew was, it hurt like crazy. I couldn't touch it. It was turning an ugly shade of purple. BUT it was not swollen at all. One good sign!

So like any stupid athlete (come on, admit it, you would have done it too), I decided to try biking. :) Actually, I knew my hard soled cycling shoes were probably the best thing possible and indeed I was right. I didn't feel it at all riding. But now I had a run off the bike. Would my toe survive?

I again made a promise to myself that if I was in a lot of pain, I'd turn around. But I could really only feel it a bit and mostly downhills when my foot took some extra pounding. Yeah!

After all this training though - my foot was ANGRY. Very angry. Angry, angry toe. But I iced it and gave it some TLC and wouldn't you know, this morning it feels MUCH better. Still an ugly shade of purple but I can touch it now and it doesn't throb and I'm pretty sure I just stubbed it really bad and it's not broken.

And now I will wrap myself in bubble wrap until next Sunday's race.


Congrats to all who raced this weekend! Fantastic results all around that just totally inspired me. When I got home from my ride today I was in heaven looking up how awesome everyone did at Rev3, Mooseman, Alcatraz and yesterday at Honu! I LOVE TO RACE and I LOVE TO SEE OTHERS KILL IT TOO! Wooo-hooo!

Is it Sunday yet? :)

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