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To Pee or Not to Pee?

Posted May 09 2013 9:49pm
Warning....TMI post

One of the thoughts that has been keeping me up at night is what am I going to do if I have to go pee at some point during these next two races?

The Iron Horse ride will take me about 4 hours (I think). I know I will be drinking a lot of fluids and what if I have to "go"? Will there be porta-potties along the route? I am pretty sure I will be riding along the side of a cliff so it's not like I can run and hide in the bushes.

For the Half Ironman I am guessing my race time will be about 7 hours. I can't hold my pee for 7 hours. I have heard people say you can just pee on the bike but yuck my water bottles are right below me! I know the pros pee on the bike but I am no pro and I think I would just die if someone saw me peeing all over myself.

Any advice from some experienced triathletes who have done longer distance races? You can comment anonymously, I understand.

Umm... yeah I am pretty sure this isn't one of the shirts I will be buying at the Race Expo.

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