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time flies when your training hard!

Posted Jun 12 2009 11:59pm

Man, has it really been almost 2 weeks since my last post?!?! Time is flying by! I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!! The races are fast approaching! Well for some athletes, it has already begun! I am making like young skywalker and learning patience! haha The plan is to head to Tonyeong Korea at the end of this month and make my 2008 debut! Just to get into the swing of racing again. I can't believe how fast the winter came and went!

We have started to settle into some solid work, getting back into the race season kind of weekly set up with mondays being fairly light, tuesdays are started with a 5k swim with fast intervals, usually 100's. Then a motor pacing/TT effort out at the waddling dog with a run off the bike. Wednesdays are long intervals for swimming...5k...then speed work on the run, thursdays ez swim, base bike/run and fridays are another hard swim and the afternoon varies..saturdays are for hard riding and easy running and sundays are great days..hard run at beacon hill (figure 8 loop last week) with an easy ride and a hard afternoon swim. Everybody looooooves sunday afternoon swims...favorite session of the week! :P

Lately there have been some signs of good fitness mixed in with some fatigue! Mondays swim was great...Joel must have been up late sunday night coming up with the most boring set possible...and he succeeded. 30x100 15 on 1:35, 15 on 1:30...just cruise..then 1000 pull... ok the 100's were hilarious! I was barely making the pace time! Simon looked at me and said "are you drowning" .."yea, yea i think i just might!" Not sure what was going on there...i was doing something but i definitely wasn't swimming! But i was back to normal by tuesday and again today (thank God!) So yea, things are tickin along..

Our guys did great in the season opener in Mooloolaba (my FAVORITE race!) Colin lead out of the water and took charge of the bike by the sounds of it and Paul achieved the first part of olympic selection with a top 8 (7th) finish in a very strong field and he was only 15 seconds off the podium! Kyle had the swim of his life coming out in the first pack ahead on world #1 Javier Gomez! he set himself up well and ran with the big boys and finished a great start for team BAMF! They will race again this weekend in NZL.

Anyway, thats it for now!

PS the paragraphs are just for you Dano! ;)

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