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This dagger enough you drink a pot

Posted Apr 16 2013 2:36am
This dagger enough you drink a pot of "ghost Lingyun looked up to see, is a teenagers is not a small guy, the age of thirteen or fourteen, wearing clothes is worn and old-fashioned, just like a wild kid like, the moment my heart fire, grinning loudly: "little beasts live botheration you actually take a dig grassroots dagger second son, to entertainment you seek death." "Wait a minute, the second son." aside that the ghost the Lingyun behind the summer dispensers but step forward, the black dagger put in the hands of a closer look, immediately looking pale ghost Lingyun ear Fuer said: "son, this is four products Horcruxes, and or from the masterpiece the 'ghost Fearless'. "ghost Fearless quadword ear, ghost the Lingyun Dunjue sunny clap of thunder exploding, at least five and of the whole person gave shock Mongolia. products Horcruxes grade of million Lengyue money, if it is the work of "ghost Fearless", I'm afraid at least with 200,000 coldest money away, the "ghost Fearless" works not just as simple a soul , but forging the pinnacle worthy collection of art treasures dragon fire watched ghost Lingyun a stunned expression, the current disdain to write under the mouth, and from arms to remove a black gold card, sneered: "Carry 50,000 burning days of currency, are not eligible and you talking to me? hum, my Young said you do business, you listen here less ostentatious and extravagant." Yanba dragon fire turned sunglass come patted the shoulder, the old-fashioned said: Young, Mo afraid, everything brothers backing you. "His head is not high on tiptoes barely sunglass between the eyebrows, Paijian Bang the I did not forget to lift your head, eyes could not go toward the aside the "Jiuye." sweep, where he was to Young stays wherever he goes, is clearly on the beauty front 逞威风. "and I bet a?" ghost Lingyun prospect of a pick, and hidden in a blur of distinct sneer in his slightly lighter Mei Feng Xiongtai you could there got insane, did not see this little gambling skills before?, and I bet a I'm afraid you have a loss, no earned. "ghost Lingyun removed from her party folding fan, swaying slightly, he did not mean to remind each other down, but these fake oakley sunglasses two look bumpkin little guy actually has a" ghost Fearless " production of four products Horcruxes, just this side of the soul, value above 300,000 coldest money, is no easy feat and that a "Creepy mart black gold card, ghosts Gun is also already heard rumors that this card was a judge of the "black gold king card total but not ten survive in the world, do have the first of the eight denominations TRI, by virtue of a black gold card can purchase" thousands odd 100 Chun House "outside of any items, and free access to" Creepy, 100 Chun House in a VIP cheap oakley sunglasses box, can be described as extravagant honor to have "ghost Fearless" Horcruxes rare, but not extremely difficult thing, but has a "black gold card" is not so simple, and the identity of the two bumpkin suddenly somewhat enigmatic. ghosts of Lingyun not stupid blunt the generation suddenly wanted through the joint intentional first words reminded, once reminded, the other is still bent on gambling, oh, then wonder, then their not elegantly in gambling, his ghost Lingyun months ago got hundreds of thousands of years ago in a "Winner must hand"
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