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Thinking About Another Boston Qualifier

Posted Feb 01 2012 12:00am
My mom is getting ready for HER Boston Qualifier in May and I am thinking of doing mine too. Here's hoping that we GO TO BOSTON! BMO has rerouted the marathon here in Vancouver and the course looks pretty great. Remember how much I LOVED the Scotia Bank 1/2 this past June...well, the BMO marathon runs on that course. SO pretty. Becuase I will be "aging-up" for Boston 2013, my qualifier time remains at 3:40, but the ultimate goal is to break the 3:30 barrier. I think I can do it! I really need to get "serious" about my training though. This week I have started to increase my mileage and will be at either 44 or 46 miles by the end of the week (running 5 days). I never really have gone past 55 miles in a week when training for a marathon before. My body just doesn't like all of the pounding. This time around (so over the next 11 weeks), I would like to get in much longer runs as I tend to "die" in the second 1/2 of the marathon. That means that I would like to do at least 3 18-20 milers. Yeah - much easier said than done when life has it's way. Next week will be another "base" week for me and I will then start to add some tempo work in and not just go out for "easy" runs. I've been keeping a spreadsheet of what I have been up too since the begining of the year and it looks like this:
Yeah - not a whole ton of mileage since the holidays. Plus I weighed myself which I try not to do very often, but when the cloths are feeling REALLY tight, sometimes you need a reality check. Well, reality sucks sometimes! I haven't seen those digits since I was preggors. I figure, I have at least gained some smarts over the past few years of training in recognizing that NOW is definitly NOT a time to do any speed work because injury will be sure to find me. So I have made a deal with myself - no treats (no bags BIG bags or small bags of nibs) for 1 month. I can do it, I can do it! (I sound like Eric Carl - one of the midgets books). The "REAL" commitment will come just before March 20th when I register (that's right before the price increas), and then "GAME ON".
Happy Weekend!
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