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Things I learned in Tucson

Posted Feb 26 2010 12:00am

-NTC knows how to work hard and have a lot of fun

-We know how to party in sweaty running clothes in a giant van

-U23 boys are great riding/running buddies (they are like fish in the pool ☺

-U of A pool is fantabulous

-Hairy the dog is the cutest

-Mt. Lemmon is not as bad as I remembered (especially with my “Mt. Lemmon soulmate”, Mark)

-Cacti needles hurt

-Cole has the moves

-Aaron Thomas is the wittiest person ever

-The twins are secret gangster dancers

-Shimano dura ace 11/28 cassettes are lifesavers on Mt. Lemmon and Gates Pass

-Patrick is very patient

-Being away at training camp makes you forget anything else exists (sorry I never called home!!! ☹ )

-NBC Olympic coverage sucks when you are Canadian

-Swimming high volume makes me go fast

-it’s possible to train sunrise to sunset and still be standing at the end of the day. Patrick quote, post swim/core 1hr break and pre ride/run: “it’s 1:30 now, The sun doesn’t go down until about 6:30 so we should have enough time” We ended up finishing our run at dusk. ☺

-Mark Antoinne should be Taylor Swifts back up singer (he also makes “dem good girls go bad” )

-Austin was right, desert sushi is not so good.

-Riding solo TT is much harder than group TT (my crank fell off while riding so I ended up solo ;)

-We are lucky to have such nice roads in Victoria. Bumps get VERY annoying when tired.

-Massage is very necessary when training an intense 35hrs per week

-When having such fun training 35hrs a week doesn’t seem like 35hrs!

-It is possible for 2 boys to eat 50 McNuggets before dinner

-Nike USA is very generous ☺

-Starbucks 200m from your house is amazing and dangerous at the same time.

-I read a lot more blogs at training camp

-UPS’ing bikes is genius…traveling without a bike is awesome!!

-a fridge shared by 6 girls gets FULL

-Debora is the most generous woman I have ever met

-Tucson is cold on February mornings

-American food can be SO cheap! 69 cent burritos at gas stations… mmm??

-the NTC is a great group of talented athletes that get along and work as hard as any squad I’ve experienced! (and that’s a few! ;)

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