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The Zen of Taking A Good Poop.

Posted Mar 17 2013 10:06pm

I have a confession: I poop once per day.

One smooth, silky, glorious morning movement, and then I’m done. And I don’t really think about number 2 at all until the next day. It’s quite convenient, actually – especially compared to my old days of hitting the head a handful of times during the day, occasionally straining, always feeling like I had something “still inside”, and having to deal with a bit of bloating to boot.

Not anymore, baby.

One key to this pooping revolution is revealed in a popular article I wrote last year called “ How I Ate A High Fat Diet, Pooped 8 Pounds, And Then Won A Sprint Triathlon “.

In that article, I tell you about the shocking results of my switch to proper pooping mechanics (squatting to poop instead of sitting to poop), using something called a “ Squatty Potty “. As a matter of fact, one of these Squatty Potty  devices now resides in every bathroom in my house – I own a white wooden model, a white plastic model and a quite fashionable bamboo model.

The gist of that whole squatting discussion was that your body is meant to be in a squatting position to properly eliminate stuff from your colon, and when you’re sitting (as most Westerners mistakenly do), you put upward pressure on your rectum, creating a “kink” that keeps much of your poop inside (or at least makes you strain a lot harder as you try to push it out).

But when it comes to learning how to poop the right way, there are some tricks that go way above and beyond simply squatting to poop.

So today, in my discussion with certified health nut and former male model Troy Casey , you’re going to learn exactly what those tricks are, and ensure smooth bowel movements and banished constipation forever (and I have a hilarious video for you at the end of this post)…

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