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The Wonders of Training

Posted Feb 05 2013 3:48pm

There are so many wonders of training!

How many times have you been out for a ride and had your breath taken away?  Not just because of the steep a$$ Colorado hill that you’re cycling up, but because of the beauty of what you saw.  Maybe it was a doe and her fawn.  Or maybe it was the sweeping view of the back country.

And then there are the times when you might be out for that long run.  It could be the Highline Canal with it’s perfect view of the Front Range.  Or maybe your cranking out the miles on some trail that meanders up and down and all around taking you past creeks and meadows.

What about the time when you are out with your buddies swimming across the Gravel Pond at Chatfield on a Saturday morning and the water is as soft as velvet.  There isn’t a ripple in the water and with every stroke your hand feels as if it is touching silk.  You glide effortlessly.

All those wonderous moments that happen, when your out there getting ready for your next race……

And then, what about the time when you just plain wonder?

Wonder….What the heck am I doing up so bloody early?  Who put this steep hill in the middle of my run?  How am I ever going to make it through?  Why the heck did I sign up for that?  Who’s bright idea was these 400 meter sprints?  What kind of masochist is the Master’s swim coach?  Should I eat GU or Power Gel? How many electrolytes should I take?  Do I need a jacket on my bike ride today?  Why is it that weekdays are in the 50′s and snow on the weekends?…..

I mean…don’t ya just wonder?  And wonder???????




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