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The top 5 great gift ideas for the amateur athlete in your life

Posted Nov 26 2010 12:00pm


With the holidays knocking at the door, we have updated our annual Top gifts for that amatuer athlete in your life feature. Here they are arranged from least to most expensive.

Warning Number One is a Shameless self promoting plug:

1) If you or your tri buddy have any ambitions of ever doing an Ironman; “No Seriously My Training Starts Tomorrow The Everyman's Guide to IRONFIT Swimming, Cycling, & Running"  by Roman Mica is a must read. This book chronicles the my first Ironman race as well as the many mistakes he made going from Everyman to Ironman  It is a fun read that tells some of the best early race stories from somebody who has made every mistake in the book. *Cost $16.95 in paperback.

You can buy it on HERE .

 2) There’s nothing that says happy holidays like a card. How about sending your tri buddy a triathlon card? Or better yet, getting him or her an entire box of triathlon cards just in time for the holiday season. Visit Tri Santa today and get your cards before the snow starts flying. *Cost Under $25.00

3) Coaching: the triathlon gift that keeps on giving: How about getting that special triathlete in your life a coach? Person coaching can get a bit pricey but you can purchase online training plans or monthly training plans. We really like We know Mark personally and you won’t go wrong with him or his partner in coaching Luis Vargas.

Between the two of them they have decades of experience and one of the deepest and longest winning histories in the sport of triathlon. Click HERE to sign-up online for their program or to just learn more about what makes their program the first choice of many amateur athletes around the world.


4) The ultimate triathlete gift basket: For those of you on a budget, but with a bit of time and energy, here’s a great gift basket that you can throw together in online or with a short trip to your local sports store. It can include:

a) The basket (We'd use a nice big sports duffel bag perfect for all the stuff a triathlete needs to drag to the transition area)

b)  Body Glide (Keeps the triathlete in your life from chaffing) 

c) Sun Tan Lotion ( We like Bull Frog as it is water proof and non greasy and doesn’t smell like coconuts or some other fruity scent that we don’t want to smell when we're in the heat of a race) 

d) Portable Wet Wipes (Great for removing the numbers from your skin or a quick cleaning up after a sweaty race)

e) Tieless “Lock” shoelaces ( A must for anybody who want to look like a Pro)

f) Number Belt (Another cool item that speeds up transitions but won’t bust your budget)

g) Headsweats race hat (We like the white ones because somehow we think they keep me cooler)

h) Power bars, GU, Cliffbars  and any other sort of quick nutrition that your tri-buddy may use (We like snickers because they don’t make us look like pros)

i) Liquid Band Aids (great for sealing those last minutes nicks or cuts)

j) Lip balm/sun tan protection 

k) Socks (DeFeet does a great line of triathlon socks with little images of swimmers, bikers and runners. 

l) Fuel Belt (And NOT the Fuel Hat that holds two beer cans) That’s something that may be more useful after the race *Total cost of The Ultimate Triathlete Gift Basket is between $50 and $100 depending how full Santa decides to stuff it.


5) Every triathlete will at some point in his or her race development need a wet suit. A wet suit can be a bit tricky to buy for your tri buddy as it must fit correctly. But you can buy a gift certificate so that your buddy can get it for himself or herself. We like XTERRA wetsuits *Cost $149 to $199 Click HERE to save 50 percent.

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