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The rest of the week...

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm
I did not complete my goal. My week wrapped up with 3 runs, 3 rides, but only 2 swims. I could be disappointed and frustrated with myself, but I am not. I worked my butt off and I’m very happy with the work that I did.

Thursday night I went for a bike ride. I wanted to go around 25 miles. I’m still pretty new to cycling in the Twin Cities, so there are really only about 2 places that I’m comfortable riding alone. (I’ve been on other routes, but I’m not familiar enough with them to go out alone. I don’t want to get lost!) So my repertoire of rides consists of “High Bridge turning right at the top” and “High Bridge turning left at the top”. Interestingly, no matter if you turn right or left at the top, you eventually end up in the exact same spot at the bottom of the bluff.

I need some new bike routes.

Thursday I started off with a loop up one side of the river and back down the other and then headed out on my High Bridge loop (turning right at the top). I was riding Smurfette, my smurfy-blue-colored road bike…

My friend’s 4-year-old son once asked me what color my bike was. I told him it was blue like a Smurf, and he replied, “What’s a Smurf?”… It was the first time in my life I felt old.

…I decided to take the road bike because I have a computer on it. I don’t have a computer on my tri bike yet, so I haven’t been able to record my average speed lately. The plan was to get the miles in and then check my average speed, just for some idea of what kind of shape I’m in. Well, I kind of cheated. I checked my average speed when I was about half way through the ride…. 18.8mph. Not bad, although my course so far had been pretty flat. My competitiveness kicked in and I wondered if I could keep my average above 18 mph for the rest of the ride. I could feel I was running out of calories. I hadn’t eaten since lunch and I could feel it in my legs. The last 5 or 6 miles I had to put forth some effort to keep my speed up. I finished the ride with an 18.2mph average for 25 miles. I was happy with that. I was even happier when I looked back through my training journals from last year. Last year I wasn’t averaging over 18 until August. I’m hoping that means I’m stronger this year. I’ve definitely put in more miles than I have any other spring. Hopefully that will pay off in my races this year.

Friday I could have gotten in that final swim. I should have gotten in that final swim. But I didn’t. I took the day off.

Saturday I went for another run. I originally wanted to run for about an hour, but I cut it a little short. After a morning of shopping and an afternoon of landscaping, I was dead tired. I felt like a zombie when I started my run and I was sort of on a time limit. I had a husband and mother-in-law waiting back home for me to cook dinner. I’m just glad I went out and got a few miles in, even if it wasn’t for as long as I had originally hoped.

Sunday, the Timmers and I went for a long ride. I recently looked at my calendar and realized that RAGBRAI is 2 months away!! It’s time to get some serious mileage in!

We decided to ride out to Stillwater. About 15 miles into the ride, we were finally out of Saint Paul and on the open country roads. We had a cross-tail wind and were both feeling like the ride was too easy. The Timmers decided to pick it up a little and I went with him. I was feeling great, but I was a little reluctant to push the pace too hard, knowing we’d have a cross-head wind on the way back. The 30 miles to Stillwater flew by and before I knew it, we were there.

On the way home, I was feeling good, but not great. The headwind wasn’t bad, but our average speed had dropped to around 17-18mph and my mood was heading south quickly. For some reason, I apparently forgot that this was a long training ride and not a simple bike ride around town. I brought one Powerbar gel with me. One. As if one gel with a measly 110 calories was going to provide me with enough energy to bike over 60 miles. What was I thinking?! My water bottles were filled with water. Water. I’ve got an entire canister of Gatorade Endurance Formula sitting at home, but it didn’t even cross my mind to use it for this ride. Apparently I like to make my long rides as hard on myself as possible. Fortunately Timmers had thought ahead and brought a few granola bars along. I took one from him and that helped tremendously.

Timmers pointed out that it was a good day to challenge ourselves mentally. My longest ride of the year so far was around 35 miles, so the 62 mile ride to Stillwater and back was a good test of my physical and mental strength. I liked looking at the ride as a challenge for my motivation. That mindset helped ward off my usual whining in the last 5 miles.

Although I didn’t get all the work done that I had originally hoped for, I think my weekly numbers were pretty good. My totals for the week:

Run: just shy of 2 hours (around 15 miles)
Swim: 5550 yards
Bike: 107 miles

Time to move forward to the next week and try to maintain those numbers!
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