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The Improvisational Spin Workout

Posted Mar 01 2009 12:00am

So what happens when you show up to spin class, and you are short one instructor? Well tonight, was the last class in this session. Seven of us showed up, but coach G got called away out of town, and no replacement was scheduled. So we improvised.

After spinning for about 5 minutes waiting for someone to show up, we finally decided to do our own class. Each person took a turn coming up with a tough challenging set. As it turned out, we made it through 5 people before the hour came to an end.

The workout looked something like this
AP took care of the warm up with some 30 30 spin-ups

Then it was my turn, so I did a 5 minute climb set increasing the tension a couple of clicks every minute and standing on the final one, then a simulated descent for a minute on low tension, and spinning as fast as possible.

JW did a pyramid of 30 on 30 off 60 on 30 off up to two, 120 second sets. The hard sets were tempo spins, and then standing climbs.

TK then did kind of a smorgasbord of 30 second climbs, one legged spins, and some 60 second wall squats off the bike.

And to finish it off, KW did a ramp of 1 minute each standing sprints, hovers and freezes.

Then we cooled down.

The result was probably one of the most challenging workouts of the year. Everyone was quite proud of themselves.

I recommend trying it sometime if you can get a group of 5 or 6 people in one spot for a spin workout. Everyone wants to come up with their best effort, benefiting everyone. Pretty soon the snow will be gone, and we’ll be on the roads, but until then, it will be stationary spins.

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