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The Flu, Weather, and Life Modified P90X Program

Posted Nov 12 2009 5:50pm
Not sure if it was H1N1but it sure knocked the snot out of me.

The plan at the beginning of the program was to complete the entire 90 day program before things like our Masters Swim cluband our Cycling club spin class sessions startedbut after a couple of weeks of dealing with flu and cold virusesfirst with the kidsand then with my wife and Ias well as doing some much needed home maintenancewhich is still not completeI now have to re-juggle the entire P90X structure.

I am sure a lot of time and effort went into the program schedulingand the group breakdowns. There is definite logic to having a break between Plyometrics and Legs. Or sticking yoga right in the middle of the weekbut to fit the program in around my own busy scheduleI had to make some serious changes.

Butbefore changing the scheduleI decided to list a few objectives that would help me re-plan my program.

1. Fit in the schedule of my NOW current offseason trainingmainly Thursday and Sunday evening Masters Swimming workoutsand Tuesday evening Spin workouts.
2. Continue with upper body training. This is what suffers the most when Full triathlon training kicks in.
3. Keep the core and flexibility work. I have seen an increase in my flexibilityand I am banking on that translating into a more aero position on my tri bike next seasonas well as helping with my swimming.
4. Keep the plyometrics. I have already praised the plyo sessionand I feel this will help my speed on the run next season.
5. Opt for an increase in training volume similar to the Doubles Programas opposed to a reduction in training volume similar to the Lean program.

So to keep with these objectivesI decided to make the following changes
1. Stick with the phase 2 Chest and Back routine on Saturday.
2. Keep the shoulder workout on Mondaybut instead of a P90X workoutI changed it to a resistance session at the pooli.e. a swim workout with the paddlesand incorporating lots of sculling drills. Core in the evening.
3. I flipped the yoga with legsso Legs are now on Tuesdaybut instead of a P90X leg sessionI changed it to a spin session. And if you don’t think that’s a tough leg sessiontry one.
4. Wednesday is now a lunch time swimand yoga in the evening.
5. The Kempo session which was intended to be a cardio sessionwas switched for my second masters swimming workout.
6. Friday is rest dayalthough if I have timeand energyI plan to slip in a little stretching.

So given these parametersmy new schedule looks like this.

Saturday: Chest Back and Ab Ripper X
Sunday: am Plyopm Masters Swimming
Monday: lunch Swim pm Core
Tuesday: Spin Class
Wednesday: Lunch Swim pm Yoga
Thursday: pm Masters Swimming

You may note a couple of thingsespecially if you are a triathlete.

1. No Running. This is by design. I always take the fall and part of winter completely off for a couple of reasons. To avoid injuryand to concentrate on other disciplines.
2. 4 swim workouts. Againfor several reasons. It’s convenient in northern climates. The pools are always openand not weather dependant. Alsoswimming at this time of year is about refining techniquenot building fitnessand to do this requires frequency in the water.
3. Only 1 cycling/spin session. Cycling is my weak pointbut my long term seasonal plan is to incorporate other spin training sessions into the schedule in the New Year. I have a power builder program I am dying to trybut for nowI am concentrating on my strength training

So if I PB next summerit’s a hit. If notit’s a bust. Time will tell. Stay tuned.
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