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The Doctors, and Heart Rates

Posted Jan 01 2009 12:00am

My wife is a fan of a show called “The Doctors” a talk show brought to you by the creaters of Dr. Phil, so you have an idea where it is heading.

I don’t get to watch often, but on Friday, I caught the head doctor talking to a group of 3 women, and talking about exercise and heart rate. Now I don’t know about menopause, or Biodenticals etc. But I know training and heart rates, so I gave a listen.

I am not a doctor, but In my 6 years doing triathlons, I have done a lot of reading on the topic of heart rates and heart rate training. One of the first lessons I learned when researching heart rates is that you can use calculate it, by taking 220 and subtracting your age. The second lesson I learned is that this formula is about as useful for determining training heart rate as the Wheel of Fortune.

So what method do you think “The Doctors” recommended on their web site? The old unreliable 220-age.

This annoys me because these guys are paraded across the stage and introduced as all knowing and wise because they have medical degrees. The scary thing is that for the same reason, they have the power to make people believe in things about their health when it really isn’t true.

Dispensing incorrect advice about getting your heart rate up during exercise is dangerous enough. Immagine if they were to advise on topics that could really affect your health. SCARY.

If you did catch the show, please please please check back later this week to see my post on heart rate training to see how experts in the topic propose to set your heart rates.

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