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The Changing

Posted Oct 01 2012 3:29pm

It’s that time of year where the colors are changing and the temps are getting cooler.  Those weekend runs and bike rides are just for fun and not for any big race coming up.  It’s time for casual conversations while riding with your friends.  It’s even time for stopping half way through bike rides for brunch!  So how is that for the “off” season??  I have been loving it!  Really LOVING the time I’m out training…or should I say exercising  :-)

Exercising Fun

Fun, Fun and More Fun

Fun is everywhere this time of year. Fun is the name of the game!  

And Change!                                                                                                                                                                                  Change is the name of the game!                                                                                                                                   Change is everywhere this time of year!                                                                                                                            And One thing I have changed is coaches!

I am beyond, beyond excited with this change!  I have been wanting a coach who I felt could bring  out this potential in me that I feel has not been taped..  I get hints of it.  I get glimmers of it….And so I spent time this August looking for a coach who I felt could help me find this hidden potential.  I wanted a coach I felt could lead me to something I have not yet found in myself. 

Enter my new coach Susan Williams with Elite Multisport Coaching!   All it took was a 2 hr dinner (ok..I knew within the first 30 minutes) and I was sure she was the coach for me!  I’m not sure when she knew she wanted to coach me but lucky for me, she did!!!!  :-)

We have been getting to know each other over the past month as I exercise my way back into training.  Having a new coach is kinda like dating…you get to know each other slowly and learn how to work together.  I have absolutely loved our warm up period- and as you can see from the pictures- I have loved the time she’s given me to just exercise and not be too serious about “training”! 

And as we know, all good exercise must come to an end so the TRAINING can begin!   Today, October 1st is the official beginning of my Ironman Tahoe training! 

Of course I’m not talking about those 15-20 hr weeks but just turning exercising into training. Working out with a purpose.  Working out with a goal towards September 2013.  I’m talking about getting back to a nutrition plan that supports metabolic efficiency and my next workout.  This means no more waffle brunch for me. ”I’ll have basted eggs with that fruit please”   :)

I’ve been beyond blessed as the season has wound down and I’m working with Coach Susan!  To say I’m excited to see the changes that will occur in my over the next year is an understatement. 

I hope you all stay tuned and continue to follow my journey.  Caz this year is going to be a doozy I’m thinking!!!!!!



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