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The Austin Tri Photos

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
For once, I've got some photos (courtesy and copyright of my husband). I didn't want to crowd the previous post. So, here we go:

Me with my new attitude (and looking slightly evil):

Before the swim (still with the same attitude):

My wave was following the last wave of guys in the sprint division of this triathlon. One of the guys lost his goggles. Already in the water, with the gun about to go off, he couldn't get a spare pair, and everyone started yelling to see if anyone could help him out. It just happened that my husband was standing nearby with my goodie bag where I had a spare pair of goggles. But here's a kicker - they were girly bright pink, and pretty small. The guy, and those around him, got a good laugh out of it, but he got the goggles and fit them on his face right before the gun went off.

And below is a little demonstration on how to get on your bike during a race situation. See, I care about you guys. I took half-an-hour to get on my bike during my race on purpose and posed to my husband so he could take photos just to demonstrate to you how to get on your bike:

Step 1: Lean forward with your ass up in the air and lift your leg high with the intention of getting it over your bike. I suggest you practice lifting the leg a few minutes and challenge your balance by seeing how high you can lift both, your leg and your ass, in the air.

Step 2: Eventually get your leg over the bike, feel the ground under your feet, appreciate it, thank God for the gift of earth and stability, consider your goals for the race, decide on the names of your future children, and, while you are at it, determine the meaning of life.

Step 3: Find your pedals, study how they look, see how they feel, don't rush, they have feelings too.

Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as needed before going off on your adventure. And remember: TAKE. YOUR. TIME. It's only a race.
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