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TGIF & Happy Halloween!

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:40pm
I’m so glad it is Friday. And not only is it Friday, but it is Halloween, too! Make sure to watch out for the little ghosts and goblins tonight if you happen to be driving around after dark.

I kept the running a bit on the lighter side this week and…and…and…I got back in the pool for the first time in nearly two friggen’ months! Here’s the recaps of those efforts:

Tuesday afternoon was the day I got back in the pool. All in all it went well and it didn’t seem to tire me out too much, but I didn’t feel very smooth and fluid. I alternated free-style swimming with drill-swimming and gave myself plenty of rest between sets.
Stats for Tuesday’s swim: 2,500-yards in 51:36 (1:00:36 w/rest) 10x250 w/1-min. rests.

Wednesday I got in a lunch time run under overcast skies and with some wind. It was a bit on the cool side and I just ran how I felt and kept it easy.
Stats for Wednesday’s run: 6.2-miles in 49:39 @ 8:00/m pace.

And lastly, today I was again out there for a lunch time run. Except today it was raining, cold, and nasty and just not a day conducive for being out there in skimpy clothes. But out there I was and I felt great today.
Stats for today’s run: 6.2-miles in 48:57 @ 7:53/m pace.

Last night I finished reading The True Story of Hansel and Gretel: A Novel of War and Survival. It was a very interesting take on the ages old fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. The author did an excellent job of taking some liberties with the original story, but keeping the key elements in place. There were Hansel and Gretel abandoned in the woods by their stepmother – but here it was to save them from the Nazis and SS by a good-at-heart stepmother and not an evil one. There was the witch with a house in the woods – but here it was an eccentric old woman who took in the kids not to eat them, but to protect them. There was the huge oven in the cottage big enough to cook the kids – but here it wasn’t to cook the kids but was used to hide the kids when the Nazis found the cottage looking for Jews to kill. The other twist that was done very well was with the witch getting pushed into oven and the kids escaping. Magda, the witch in this story, hid the kids in the oven instead and was taken by the SS. She ended up in an oven however, just not the one in her cottage as the original story tells us, but instead in a much larger and much hotter oven at a concentration camp after being gassed with a trainload of others. Can you imagine what it must have been like for those poor people? Those pages were heart-breaking, yet I couldn’t put the book down. It was a very good book and I very much enjoyed the different perspective it gave to a story I’ve known my whole life.

Now I am onto We Might As Well Win: On the Road to Success with the Mastermind Behind a Record-Setting Eight Tour de France Victories by Johan Bruyneel. He, of course, was the brains behind the engine that Lance Armstrong. My copy of the book is actually signed by Johan because my buddy Mike works at Nike and Johan was there for his book tour. He wrote: “To Steven, Whatever it takes!” and then his signature. Pretty cool. I’ll let you know what I think about the book upon completion.

And lastly, I want to give a shout-out to my buddy Troy who is racing Ironman Florida this weekend and going after a new IM PR!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend…

PS – for those that need to, remember to turn your clocks back an hour Saturday night.
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