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Ten tips for a faster triathlon swim in 2010 by pro triathlete Mark Van Akkeren

Posted Apr 25 2010 7:00am

Mark Editor's Note: These swim tips by USA professional triathlete Lindsey Corbin were provided by our friends at Xterra Wetsuits.

1) Buy new goggles (same model you normally use) and swim in them once or twice prior to the race.

2) Spit is the best, most perfect anti-fog product EVER, it's also readily available on race morning.

3) Only sprint at the start if you have trained to sprint at the start. Otherwise you'll earn yourself a pretty awesome pain cave two minutes into a long day.

4) Find a new best friend, preferably someone that swims about 2-3 minutes faster than you would over the distance by yourself.

5) The "hip pocket" is the best place to draft. Don't want to a be a huge pest to your benevolent draftee? Stick to their feet, BUT DON'T TAP THOSE TOES!!!! Otherwise you might find yourself with a mouthful of said toes.

6) If you are a strong swimmer, take the inside line on a buoy. If it looks like rush hour on the TransCanada Highway, stick to the outside.

7) During open water practice, close your eyes and don't sight for quite awhile. Do you stay straight? If not, sight more and try bilateral breathing to see if this evens you out.

8) Buy a wetsuit that fits – and I mean really really really fits you well. Test it, even in a pool. You'll want a suit that's got a lot of range of motion in the shoulders

9) TRI-SWIM, lube, body glide, whatever... use it... use it a lot... use it all over. Chafing really is not fun.

10) Take in the morning, soak it up, enjoy the day and of course... RAWK the swim.

Mark Van Akkeren – USA

*  Mark had the fastest swim at the 2007 Ironman World Championship in 49:50 and swam 46:11 at the 2008 Subaru Ironman Canada. He has been wearing XTERRA WETSUITS since 2007.

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