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Talk about a new renewable energy source

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:13pm 1 Comment

Trainer Have you ever wondered how much energy you generate pushing your pedals on your trainer?

Well wonder no longer.

According to Kinetic's Paul Carlsen, about 2.5 hours of riding will generate 0.5 kwh of electricity, which, he said, "will charge 50 cell phones or run a television for a couple of hours."

Imagine the benefits if kids had to pedal to watch their favorite TV programs. Better yet, imagine the benefits of this technology in third-world countries where power lines don't reach. Let there be light bulbs and refrigeration.

Carlsen said 25 Energy Trainers were made for Interbike,(A Black & Decker Electromatic 400, available at stores such as Home Depot for about $100, was used at Interbike.) 20 were sold to dealers, 4 were provided to publications for review, and 1 was saved for display. The price is $499 for a Kinetic trainer with the generator installed, or $300 for a generator retrofit kit.

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Electricity Conservation is easy to achieve if we only support the use of renewable energy sources. Just imagine how much money we could save in using solar and wind power to run our appliances and devices at might be double savings.
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