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T-Minus 4 Days...Taking Inventory

Posted Apr 17 2009 12:31am

I've received some amazing emails and words of encouragement this past week that will definitely carry me through every mile...those that feel short and those that feel like and eternity. It's amazing how different the same distance can feel depending on how you're feeling mentally and physically. How did our forerunners who invented this distance race thing make it through without Gatorade and Clif Shots?

Well, I picked up my custom-made Gazelle Boston shirt yesterday and had lunch with Amy and Anne so that I could present them with their shirts as well! We'll probably never see each other on the course (those fast chicks both have sub 3:30 races and get to start at 12Noon. I'll be lagging behind at the 12:30p start with my 3:37 qualifier), but it will be comforting and encouraging knowing that they are out there as well! We joked that I must not be taking this Marathon-thing too seriously because I'm running it in shorts I've only worn once, a shirt I've never worn and new shoes I've been in twice. Rookie mistakes, right?? I'm so not worried...I've worn the Mizuno Wave Inspires for several months now and I'm loyal to the Nike short brand. These just happen to be a new color to match my Gazelle singlet. I may be sick, tired and sore, but I'm going to match, damn it!

I thankfully had today off work so I'm doing laundry, packing and finishing up a couple of work projects so that I can be gone with peace of mind (see yesterday's entry). Laying out clothes for an entire week is tough and it's only compounded by the fact that I need completely separate luggage for pre/during/post race! Shawn and I are also staying on the East Coast for the entire week so I have to pack sweaters and jeans as well. That's not easy for a Texas girl who's been wearing tanks and flip flops for the last two months! I'm not a delicate packer as it is. Shoes are a particular pain in the butt--I need boots, running shoes, slippers, flip flops and heels so that I actually feel like a lady at some point on the trip.

Other necessities for the trip:
--My timing chip (yep, dorky runners own their own!)
--every battery and charger for all of my electronic gadgets including digital camera, iPod, cell phone, Garmin and laptop (technology is way too cumbersome!)
--Clif Shots and Bars even though they will be readily available at the Expo
--trashy magazines for the plane
--My Garmin
--Advil and other pain relief
--Body Glide of course

My mind is blank so it's a good thing I have all day!
No exercise at all today so I'm feeling good and plump! (ok--gross and fat is more like it)
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