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swimming, swimming

Posted Jun 12 2009 11:59pm

So much has happened since the last post. On Wednesday swam 5km with some fast 50's and SS 400's pull and swim. Then we went down to Sedona for a brick workout. We rode 1 hour with 30 mins HARD...haven't done that kind of riding in a isn't quite there so I lost the boys for just over half. Then we were supposed to run 1:10 of the bike with 8x2mins at effort.. I did my 10 mins warm up with a very sore IT band (something that was nagging most of the week) but it didn't hurt to go the time.. so I did 10x2 mins fast with walking in between..mostly hills. I was disappointed that I couldn't run but I was obviously doing something wrong. Thursday was a day off! I sat in bed most of the day! Tried to recover...leg was sore...had a massage. Friday we swam 5km with band only, 100's with 25m sprints and some pull. In the afternoon we rode just over 2hrs cross with a climb in the middle that we only got like 1/3 up before the snow got too deep and had to go back. Then saturday... I swam 4500m just rolling through with pull, band and swim. Then I rode 1:45 on the trainer with 5x5min big gear and 10x1 min high cadence and a 30 min walk. oh and during that walk I had an interesting run in...with a car! Yes..I got hit by a car! It sounds worse than it is...the roads were icy and a car was slowing for a light and starting sliding to the side of the road where i was walking! It was going really slow and just hit me in the back of the legs and tipped me over! haha I continued walking and thinking about how well things were going...sick, injured and now hit by a car...WICKED! But now I'm almost over the cold and the car didn't hurt anything so things are looking up! On sunday we swam in the morning. 5k with 2400 of building pull and band only and IM. Then Jill and I did a 2hr trainer (while watching scary movie 4) with a pretty big set. 20x3mins with 1 min ez. #1 was big gear, #2 was tempo and #3 threshold. Yesterday was a big swim day (hence the title of this entry) We swam 5km in the morning..a solid set that was a test set but we didn't know until after. Luckily I had a good swim on the day (only my 2nd one since we've been here!) The main set was a big one..4100m as 400 pull, 8x100 Best Average (or BA..Dane Cook anyone? BAMF??) the 400 pull, 6x100 BA, 400 pull, 4x100 BA, 400 pull, 2x100 BA, 400 pull 100 all out! I found a great swimming buddy for this set, Jill.. she pushed me hard because I just wanted to keep up to her! The splits were 15's for the first 8, 12 highs for the 6, 11 highs for the 4 and here is where you can tell I'm an aerobic swimmer..11 highs for the 2's and 11.8 for the all out! hahaha I was pleased with these times considering the altitude! Then I swam again in the afternoon. 4000 with 20x50 on 40 and some hard kk (i had to work my legs somehow!) Today was another solid swim. 6km with 4km of effort! The set was.. 2000 pull effort build by 500, then 1000 build 500 swim then 1000 pull all on! Joel tricked us into some extra effort with a competition! Works every time ;) the person with the fastest split for the first 500 got 1 point, 2 for the 2nd 500 split, 3 for the 3rd and 4 for the 4th. Colin, Kyle and Simon were competing for the mens title and Jordan, Dano and me for the womens! ;) Colin took the overall mens and I got the overall womens thanks to the draft of Simon and Colin! Another good swim for me...not really good but still good. Then I did a trainer workout that was 90 mins with 6x4 mins threshold...I bumped it up a gear or two compared to my usual high cadence and it HURT! Then I went for a little walk to test out the knee/IT..not ready for running quite yet! Ok thats more than enough writing..15km of swimming logged in 24 hours....bring it on!

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