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Swimming Adventures and More

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm
So this past weekend I wanted to venture out for a swim. Right now swimming is just when I can fit it in, which isn't too often bc my training efforts are focused on my marathon training.

Anyways, I ventured out with Scott to Batchelor Bay and we had planned to do the triangle route. The water was pretty rough and I flipped over and did mostly backstroke bc I couldn't handle the saltwater. I think I drink a lot when I swim. So we made it to "the ROCK" and I noticed 2 seals on the rock and 1 in the water. I looked at Scott and said "I think we should head back".

I'm not so cool with the animals in the water especially when I don't know a whole bunch about them, when they are bigger than me and I can't see them if they go under. So we started to head back and the 2 seals that were on the rock jumped in the water. UM NOT COOL!!!!! So now we have 3 seals that are about 3 metres away from us surrounding us. I totally GIRL'd on poor Scott. I was almost crying bc I was soooo scared and uncomfortable. I immediately suggested that we get to shore as soon as we could (which was about 300m away) and so we headed over to where we saw a ladder and stairs. The seals kept following us always staying about 3 meters away but TOTALLY freaking me out. We finally made it to shore and climbed up on a sketchy ladder and ply wood that Scott ended up falling through and actually had to get 5 stiches. CRAZY!!! We made it up to the road and walked to 20 min walk back to our cars, where we ran into Debbie who told us that she saw 2 seals wrestling just off shore. Thank goodness it was another seal and NOT me!

On the up side of all of this, I found out why Scott was training for IMC. He is doing it to raise money for Cancer. Click here to find out more.
Thanks for the swim time let's go to Sassmatt!

Iron Update
Yesterday I went for my iron infussion and spent 6 hrs hanging out in a hospital bed. I managed to get some work done and had a nap under a warm flannel blanket and hopefully I will feel the benefits in a few weeks. I had my levels tested again right before I went in becuase my initial test was done 7 wks prior to my infussion and we wanted to see how much it dropped or stayed the same since then.

I've been running 5 days a week running anywhere from 50 miles to 65 miles and cycling 2 days a week averaging about 2.5 - 3 hrs per week. And too be quite honest right now I am feeling VERY drained. After Oliver I was going to spend the rest of the summer just doing my own thing. Still training but doing what I wanted to do. Ofcourse I WANT to do this, but at the moment it feels like A LOT and I am ready for a break. My marathon is the end of September so I have about 7 weeks left to go and then who knows! I am going to pace my mom in San Antonio in November, but I don't think I will do a whole lot of training for that. We will see:)))))

Cheers....hopefully my next post will be of my trip back to Ontario with a bunch of pics!
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