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Swim Training for Got2Swim 4 Miles for Colin's Hope!

Posted Jul 18 2010 1:54pm

Seriously, the fact that I am about to blog about how much I love swimming lately is just plain weird and scary. I'm actually enjoying it more than I ever imagined. I've had such a wonderful time meeting and connecting with some amazing people as we all train for the Got2Swim 4-Mile Open Water Swim for Colin's Hope . I'm so fortunate and haven't laughed this hard with new friends in a long time. (Although, I suppose it's hard to belly laugh when you're running gut-wrenching 800m repeats on the track!) Selfishly and serendipitously, this event came at the perfect time for the sake of my life, recovery and physical/mental well-being. I guess I feel so blessed because not only are the workouts fulfilling and challenging, but the cause we are swimming for is so vitally important, and so often overlooked.

Last summer, a sweet four-year-old Austin boy named Colin drowned at a popular local health club pool. The details of what happened aren't mine to share, but what it did shine light on was the importance of water safety and security for children--especially in crowded pool areas where there are too many kiddos and sometimes not enough eyeballs to watch them. I didn't realize that drowning was the number one cause of death in children under the age of four. I do now. The money we are raising will go to these programs that aid in preventing children from drowning. Our 4 mile swim is just one of many fundraisers they do throughout the year to promote childhood water safety. Ironically, I know so many adults who are deathly afraid of water because they never learned how to learn to swim as a child. It's so vitally important.

Please consider donating even just a minimal amount to my personal pledge page . I thoroughly appreciate the thought and consideration!

Yesterday, several of us did a 2.4 Mile Open Water Swim sanctioned by Red Licorice Events . For most, it was the farthest they have ever gone. It certainly was the farthest I've gone since Ironman last year--and this one was wetsuit-free. It was certainly a proud moment for all of us!

Fox 7 News recently did a piece on the upcoming event.

Now--onto some of the recent stellar and breathtaking photography of our training swims shot by Lauren Lesley Photography .

And my personal fav...a little synchronized swimming practice to "kick" off the training swim.
(this one may or may not have been enhanced just a tad to increase the dramatic effect) :-)
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