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Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat…

Posted Jun 15 2010 3:49pm
The training yards and miles continue to accumulate and the fitness continues to be improved upon. At least that is the hope. I’m feeling pretty good these days and I’m putting up some pretty good volume numbers and paces so maybe it’s working! I’ll know in August when I have the meat of my racing season happening. In prep for all that racing fun I’ve been hitting the pool and roads pretty consistently and here is a recap of how that is looking…

Tuesday the 8th started out with a 4:40AM brick workout with an hour of intervals on the bike followed by a run on a cool but dry early morning.
Stats for Tuesday’s bike: 13.5-miles in 1-hour.
Stats for Tuesday’s run: 4.3-miles in 31:29 @ 7:19/m pace.

Wednesday was another pre-dawn session on the bike trainer with some big-gear and single-leg drills. Stats for Wednesday’s bike: 16.4-miles in 1:15 @ 13.1-mph.

Thursday the 10th started out with a 5AM swim and then continued later with a midday run on my newly mapped out office route. My office recently moved from Tigard to NE Portland and it took me a few days of Google Earth and driving around to get a route I was comfortable with and kept me off the major streets but gave me some hills and scenery. Unfortunately my maiden voyage on the route was during a torrential downpour that was comical in its intensity!
Stats for Thursday’s swim: 2,500-yards in 49:22 (50:22 w/rest) 5x500 w/15-sec. rests.
Stats for Thursday’s run: 6.2 in 47:10 @ 7:27/m pace.

Friday was yet another 5AM swim and another midday run. But the weather on the run was fabulous so I extended it just a bit and enjoyed it tremendously.
Stats for Friday’s swim: 2,100-yards in 40:34 (41:34 w/rest) 3x700 w/30-sec. rests.
Stats for Friday’s run: 9.2-miles in 1:12:01 @ 7:50/m pace.

Saturday the 12th was long-ride day with the guys and it was tremendous. Tremendously sunny, tremendously hilly, and tremendously great. After cranking out a serious ride I topped it off with a serious transition run around the neighborhood and pushed the pace a bit in the hot sun but felt very good.
Stats for Saturday’s bike: 77.8-miles in 4:59 @ 15.6-mph.
Stats for Saturday’s run: 4.3-miles in 29:38 @ 6:53/m pace.

Sunday I was out the door at 6:30AM on a glorious day to get my run done before church. And the legs were shot. Not a lot of pop left in them from the day before, but I got it done and enjoyed a beautiful morning run.
Stats for Sunday’s run: 13.6-miles in 1:44:48 @ 7:42/m pace.

Monday the 14th was swim day and again I was in the water at 5AM for some intervals work.
Stats for Monday’s swim: 2,100-yards in 42:11 (43:11 w/rest) 3x700 w/30-sec. rests.

And lastly, today was once again all about the swim and nothing else today. So once again I was in the water at 5AM and cranked out a pretty decent swim session.
Stats for Tuesday’s swim: 2,500-yards in 49:01 (50:01 w/rest) 5x500 w/15-sec. rests.
My training is on track at this point and I’ll keep at it until the toe the starting lines in August.

Thanks for stopping by…
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