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Surf City Half Marathon - The Report

Posted Feb 07 2011 12:50pm
Mary got a cool photo of Bret Michaels
As a triathlete, It's hard to write a race report about a running race because there is only one sport to talk about.  Specifically, there is no swim, and the swim is always good for at least one solid paragraph of self deprecation.  But today it doesn't matter, because the cool story has little to do with my race.

Rather, it starts Friday when TRI714 picked me up and we headed down to the race expo to pick up our race numbers.  Craig is also a member of OC Velo , so it was nice to get a chance to hang out with him lycra free.  Craig ran the half marathon.  After the race he told me he had some trouble with blistering and thus finished a little slower than he had hoped.  But I guarantee he finished with his head up high, because that's the kind of guy he is.  Good job, Craig.

Saturday I went back to the expo, this time to meet up with Racing Dawn and Chris K .  I'd never met Dawn, online or otherwise, until yesterday.  Dawn's got a cool story - she's been running a marathon a month, and had flown in from Salt Lake City with her husband to bag another one.  She finished in awesome is that?

After coming off an injury, Chris K chose Surf City to qualify for Boston.  After 18 weeks of hard training, he did just that with a time of 3:29.  Legend status has been achieved.  I actually think the hardest part for him will be thinking of a new blog name.  Maybe we can help out - is available.  Shall we take up a collection so we can buy the URL for him?

But the coolest part of the story?  It was all the tweets, blog comments, and Facebook wall posts I got after the race.  Many of you where following my progress online.  I didn't expect this.  But picking up my Iphone to see tons of congratulatory messages BEFORE I even posted anything was simply awesome.  Thank you.

As far as my race went, I'm very happy with it.  I play-listed two hours worth of Social Distortion on my Ipod.  My bib number allowed me to line up just behind the elites so I started with the gun.  And then I enjoyed every second of the race.  I'd been publicly saying I wanted to come in under 1:45, but privately I was gunning for a sub 1:40 finish.  So when I saw that the 1:40 pacer was just ahead of me around mile nine, I dug just a little deeper, passed him and maintained the pace to the finish.   Final time - 1:39:14.

What a great weekend.
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