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Sunday Random Stuff

Posted Dec 19 2010 1:00pm
  • Check out my new header! What do you think?  My good friend Kristel did this for me as a Christmas present and I am so thankful!  Check out the Team Trakkers colors!  I am working on getting the rest of my layout to "match up" to the new header.  I would love some feedback as I am not very design inclined.
  • I had a lot of fun being part of Jill's gift exchange.  Thank you so much to Chris from BQ or Die for my favorite thing...CHOCOLATE!  You rock, and I am pretty sure since it is a present it has zero calories! Now could you also send me some San Diego sunshine? It was below zero here this morning.  Thank you again Jill for organizing the exchange.
  • I loved the Kona coverage last night and as usual, I choked up a few times and found tremendous inspiration from the age grouper stories.  I mean, the pro stuff is neat and all (if I have to hear from Macca how great he is one more time, I might just puke), but I want to hear more from the everyman, because, well...that is you, it is me.   Seriously, if your heart didn't break for Kyle Garrett when he couldn't finish the bike, well, I don't know what to say.  I was cheering for Clayton Treska (even though I cheated and looked online during the commercial to see if he finished), and his story of walking around the corridors of the hospital while on chemo just to keep active were unbelievable.  I could go on and on...What was your favorite?
  • I think Lew Hollander is probably going to make it to 120, what do you think? And he has the best endless pool ever, hands down.
  • I was at the pool yesterday and there was a lady in the lane next to me.  I grabbed the kick board and noticed she had just grabbed her kick board too. My first thought?  We are racing.  She didn't know this, so I figured I had the advantage.  I took off as fast as I could, and after a while looked over at her.  She was dead even with me and not looking like she was working hard.  She was smiling and looking around.  At the wall, I got about 3-5 feet ahead of her (winning!!!), and I was busting my butt. Kicking and kicking and kicking.  I couldn't believe it, she looked like she was hardly putting out any effort.  Plus, it looked to me like her hips were down, I was working hard to keep mine up.  At the next turn around I noticed she was wearing flippers.  Oh.
  • A few of you asked what I wear on the icy/snowy roads I run on.  I use ICESPIKE if I need traction.  I am going to post a review next week (Wednesday) and will give you all kinds of info about them.
  • 216 days until Ironman Lake Placid !

Weekly numbers
I forgot to post my numbers last week. Ooops.  Here is where I am this week Swim: 2200 yds
Bike: 106
Run: 18
Weight training: 1 hr

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