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Sunday Random…

Posted Jan 20 2013 11:44am

I am having a hard time focusing on one subject today, so I think I’ll go random…


I literally froze my butt off yesterday on my run.  Well, not off, it is certainly still there.

But I was fooled.  It was 0 degrees and sunny.

The sun is such a trickster.

So I dressed like it was 20 degrees.  Because the sun looked warm and I am stupid.

I knew after about 15 seconds that I wasn’t dressed warm enough.  But I figured I’d get warm.

So I kept going.

I came back with light frost burn on my ENTIRE butt.

If it wasn’t on my butt I would show you pictures for proof.

I decided to get in the shower to warm it up.  Bad idea.

I was immediately ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY (think worse than poison ivy) all over (especially my butt).

I looked like a sunburned lobster in all of the “fat storing” areas of my body, except I did it with the cold.

The upside is that I learned something new, you can get frost burn, and it likes to burn you on the fattiest parts of your body.

I think I just called myself a fat ass.


I was at the local bar over New Years (I was DD) and a person (friend? See, I am not even sure) came up to me…very serious and asked me how I was doing.

I said fine, thanks.

He looked at me intensely, “We are worried about you.  You are working out too much – are you losing more weight? We think you have a problem.”

I reply that I don’t have a problem.  That I eat like a pig and my IM build doesn’t start until February, so I am pretty light on the training hours right now, only doing 8-12 depending on the week.

Glazed eyes.  Shaking head.  Concerned look.  Held, intense eye contact  “We are really concerned.”

Who is we and why do I feel like I am on an episode of Intervention ? I walked way entirely ticked off and frustrated.

He was kind dickhead enough to point out to me that denial and anger are the first two of the five stages of addiction.

I wanted to punch him in the face.

I guess I am stuck on the anger stage then.

In this place…in this world…It is NOT considered a problem if you spend 8-10 hours a NIGHT drinking at the bar, but it is considered a very serious problem if you spend the same amount of time in a week training for a personal goal.


I have been doing really great with living the No Sugar, No Grains  (NSNG) high fat way of eating.   This is really working for me (thank you Vinnie Tortorich , you are freaking awesome).

I have never felt better and I am pretty darn close to my high school size.  Which is crazy.

The thing is, for higher intensity work or for a mental pick-up, I am going to use some sugar.  I’ll be experimenting with trickling sugar – which means taking small amounts over a longer period of time instead of the gel every 45 minutes.  In theory, I’ll be using a heck of a lot LESS of that stuff and more of the fats.

For fat, I am trying a bunch of things, including Generation Ucan and this combo:

I haven’t really done much training over 2 hours at this point, so I am not close to settling on what I am going to use for fuel.

I see a lot of people reacting in various ways to this – and some are throwing stones at a high fat NSNG diet – which is fine, people throw stones at everything - but what I know is that it works for me and I am simply sharing my personal experience.


I took Porter out for a nice snowshoe along Wyman Lake this morning, here are a few pictures.

Thanks for reading!

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