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Stupid FB & G-CH

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:53am
My neice, God bless her, was setting up her own facebook account and she used my home email address which "accidentally" deleted my fb account. So now I've got to set it up again and resend friend requests to all 130 something folks. Dang teenagers. She swears it didn't prompt her that she was about to "permanently delete the other account", and we all know teenage girls are very thorough and detailed when involved in their social networking. So my apologies for bothering you twice if you fb.

I got in a good 25 mile bike ride wednesday night. Took about an hour and 18 minutes. Nothing on thursday, I ended up with other stuff to do that will keep me non-running through most of the weekend. oh well.

Dr. Nic is full of genius. The kind that Marcy would just love, may she rest in blogger peace. Nic thinks it's time for a throwdown, and I agree. So here, today, I'm calling Glaven out on the carpet. It's time for a half marathon challenge. I know he could take me in a shorter race, but I think I've got his number at a longer distance. I'm risking a meat punch from Teh Bride (his wife) by doing this, but I think it's worth the risk. I also think G's too chicken shit to step up to the plate and actually tackle a half. Whadda think Glaven? Got the stones to kick it up a notch?

Of course we'll have to have a level playing field. Find a couple of races on the same weekend in late september/october so we'll have the same weather conditions. Make it an actual race so the results will be published online. Fastest time wins. We also need a wager, and this is where you come in, dear reader. Glaven and I are both too cheap to play for money. Leave me suggestions for potential wagers. I'm thinking that the loser should have to write a love poem about the winner. Glaven's almost as well known for his poetry as he is for his beastiality and celebrity necrophelia habits. So I could take a love poem. Got any other ideas?

The gauntlet has been thrown down!!!1! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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