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Still Waiting, Waiting, WAITING!

Posted Feb 13 2009 5:21pm

Still no email. I think I have some sort of tendonitis in my finger from hitting the "check mail" button on my email account!

Okay, not really. But I am anxious! And I also owe you all an apology. I really didn't mean to be mysterious or secretive about this email - it's really not a big deal! But then so many thoughtful people left comments and emailed me or sent messages on FB about it. You are all too kind! :) Really it is just in regards to a sponsorship that I applied to and am very excited about! It's a long shot at best but it doesn't keep me from HOPING, HOPING, HOPING! Which perhaps I shouldn't get my hopes up about but I always do. Because hope is an amazing thing!

Anyway, enough about this silly email! When it does come, good or bad, I will be sure to blog about it! :)

Now onto even more exciting things - our weather! Oh man am I in heaven. And today especially, I was really in heaven.

Yesterday I did my bike workout inside because it was pouring down rain in the morning when I needed to do it. And 40s and rain does not mix with hard bike workout in my books. But then later in the afternoon I did a nice 9 mile run and was so excited to see 50 degrees on! Truth be told though, I was a little disappointed when I went out for the run because it was quite windy, started raining about 10 minutes in and, well...was kind of chilly! How could this be with 50 degree temperatures!

So when I left for my run this morning and saw that it was 45 degrees, I made sure to wear a hat and gloves and two long sleeve shirts (but of course still had shorts on! :). But oh wait...THIS was the kind of weather I was hoping for yesterday afternoon! Because there was no wind and no rain and it just felt WARM. Ahhh... Trouble was, about halfway through my warmup (I was doing some hard pieces during this morning's run) I was HOT! Too many clothes! So I just started shedding clothing. First the hat went by the shopping plaza. Then the gloves by the cemetary. And finally the extra long sleeve shirt was lost by the insurance agent's building. :) And then during my cooldown I ran around town collecting all my clothing. :)

I also swam today and then lifted weights and then went for a much needed massage where Lucy nearly made me cry while working on my right hip. Ouch. :) But it should be noted that I wore sandels - YES SANDELS - to the massage! Because why the heck not? I think it got all the way up to 60 degrees today. For good measure I rolled down the windows in my car a little too.

I do believe our warm weather is on the way out though. It's storming now and tomorrow the high is in the 30s. This weekend - snow. BUT, was so nice while it lasted. I got to ride outside once. I got to run outside in shorts several times. I wore sandels! And that is just the breath of fresh air that I needed to help me last until the warm weather comes again to stay! So needless to say, I'm very, very thankful!

Have a great night everyone!

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