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Staphylococcus Aureus. There's a mouthful.

Posted Apr 20 2010 3:03am

What a pretty picture eh? I looked much like this last week. I should have taken a picture, but just didn't have the nerve.

I could say my condition was the result of my last heavy weight championship bout; a crash during an 80kmh descent during my weekly training ride; stepping in to aid a damsel in distress while she was being harassed by a 300 pound bouncer; or as I slid to block a shot in double overtime to save the game that we eventually went on to win and captured the Stanley cup.

But instead, the truth is much less exciting. I awoke Thursday morning with a swollen nose, tender glands, and no energy. I left work at lunch, and headed to my family doctor who diagnosed me with, not the flu, but with a skin infection. Most likely a Staphylococcus aureus (Staph Infection).

I found this pic on the net. It's a little closer to what I looked like, although my left eye wasn't completely shut.

Not to be fooled around with, my family doc prescribed 500mg of apo-cephalex 4 times a day, however, 4 doses didn’t help much so by Friday afternoon I was in the ER taking antibiotics intravenously. And that’s how I spent my weekend. Lying on a gernie in the ER with an IV in my hand, or lying in my La-Z boy watching afternoon games of the Stanley Cup. It was actually not that bad. I could get up and about, but training was OUT.

What a drag as training was going very well the last two weeks. I was hoping to do the first 5k of the season this Sunday. It would have been an ideal race to set my training paces for the summer, as well as provide a goal for me before I head off for vacation. Now it will be a hang on and be thankful I can still walk, kind of event.

Today, I am feeling better, and hopefully I’ll be 100% on the mend by the weekend.
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