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Spring Break Staycation!

Posted Mar 31 2010 9:21am

It's spring break at the Shutt house! And while Oscar and I thought about scheduling a week away in a nice warm, tropical destination (no, not really, we didn't even consider it), instead we decided to stay home and:

1) CLEAN THE HOUSE! Yeah fun! We're talking cleaning out the garage AND the basement where I was quite successful in throwing a lot of junk away! And now our bikes have a happy, clean, (relatively) dust free home with less clutter. LOVE! Oh yeah, and we cleaned the rest of the house too (even behind the couch! :).

2) TRAIN! Nothing out of the ordinary but instead of doing most of my training solo I'd have O as my partner!

3) GET A NEW BIKE! Not really decided on that one yet but one visit to the bike shop has occurred already with another one to come tonight. Will post more on this if it indeed comes to fruition!

Now you can't tell me that list doesn't trump an all inclusive tropical resort! :)

But seriously, we really do have a spring break week. O has the entire week off school but does still have track practice each morning. And I took the week off from working at Presby but still have some business related work to do. Still we are getting stuff done!

And training is going well! This morning we headed to the track for my first track workout of 2010! It's supposed to be 67 degrees today! But alas, this morning when we did the workout it was 32 and pitch dark so I begrudgingly got out the tights one more time. Of course I could have done the workout later in the morning when it was warmer and light but had I chosen that option I would have to do it by myself (as O needed to be done by 6:30 am to get to track practice on time). And trust me when I say, tights and cold hands are certainly worth the trouble to have Oscar helping me through the workout! He was like my own personal timer and pacer and because my pace is easy for him he talks me through also! (you know, come to think of it, he might have been running in lane 2 or 3 while I was in lane 1 but I can't be sure - I was too focused on the task at hand)

Anyway, you know what I think is funny? After nearly 17 years of doing track workouts, I still get a little nervous for them! So I was glad to get that first one under my belt with Oscar at my side. Many more to come this season... :)

OH! Our weather is totally cooperating for spring break week too! It was cold-ish and rainy earlier in the week but today is supposed to warm right up and get all the way into the 80s by the end of the week. That's right - I said 80s! In Pittsburgh! In April! This will be perfect for the rides we have planned on Thursday and Saturday. Ahh...after one tough winter sun and warmth sure is sweet!

And finally - spring break week brings BOTH my parents to town for Easter! My mom is flying up today and my dad will be joining us on Friday! Yahoo! Although I hope my mom doesn't mind coming to the bike shop with us tonight. Ooops. I tried to call last night to warn her about it but my parents weren't home. I'm sure that's exactly how she wanted to spend her Easter visit! (hehehe :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and getting some sun!

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