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Sports watch review: Two very similar watches get very different ratings

Posted Apr 07 2010 7:00am 1 Comment

Addidas Editor's Note: Adidas recently sent us several similar sports watches to review. We thought that it would be fun to have two very different people review the watches. Nathan Adlen is a automotive journalist who enjoys writing about cars but endurance sports would probably be pretty far down his list of after work activities.

Paul Shippey is also a working journalist, triathlete, and runner who's getting ready to run the Boston Marathon. Here are both of their reviews of two very similar Adidas watches.

The Adidas 3013 Sports Watch

 By: Nathan Adlen
As I moaned in the bathroom, I rubbed my sore wrist. Grooves from the Adidas watch had bored into my flesh, removing hair and leaving an aircraft carrier-like indentation where it once lay. The wristband is a deal killer for me. That’s a shame being that there is an awesome array of functionality to this time keeping device.
I acknowledge the bevy of time-keeping, timer and stop-watch capabilities were alluring to me, especially being that my testing arena was in Moab, Utah. I was to drive some of the most intense off road machines on earth and looked forward to using the Adidas Sports Watch. In half an hour, I had removed it and put on my old watch with its comfortable wrist band.
The display is huge, easy to read and controls are fairly easy to learn. It’s extremely light weight and felt stout in construction. Micro-sand blowing around Moab was repelled and only entered the watch band.

 To be truthful, it would be a terrific watch if the band were more comfortable and/or replaceable (which it is not). My most encouraging observation was the effortlessness viewing of seconds ticked by with the 60 bars orbiting the display.

Adidas ADP1866 Response Light XL

Review by Paul Shippey

‘A Fashionista’s Sports Watch’

This new Adidas training watch not only looks cool, but also offers some funky new features for runners. Face it; some sports watches can look like real geeky tools, but the oversized black polycarbonate and steel chassis of the Response Light looks more like a fashion piece than your traditional Timex or Casio sports watch.

Handy features in this model includes a ‘shadow’ race mode which allows the athlete to race against a previously logged time that has been stored in the watch. It also offers two alarms, a chronometer with a 50- lap memory, a timer, is water resistant to 10 ATM and comes with a vented strap for added wrist comfort.

I used the ADP on several training runs and found it a handy time-keeping companion. The display was generally easy to read and starting/stopping the chrono was pretty simple, once you figure out how to get into chrono mode.  Note: The user must read the instructions or face frustration in learning to operate this timepiece.

Main gripes: It’s too easy to inadvertently turn the hourly chime on and off - a slight bump on any object will do this. I also found the user’s manual, which applies to several different models, a little hard to follow.

Overall: The Response Light XL is a fashionable running watch with some helpful training tools tucked beneath the bezel.  All this for a very reasonable $65.00!

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