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Solid Efforts...Still No BAMF Cap

Posted Jun 12 2009 11:59pm

This week has flown by! Every day has been filled with multiple workouts, meals, naps and icing sessions. Not too time time for much else besides computer TV and music corner...ok i think i left off on my bonking session..things have been looking up since then! (although i haven't stopped taking abuse for it ;) Still no BAMF cap earned..given out at Joels discretion for BAMF-like behavior..I'll have to do something epic next week.. so far Jordan has earned one for a 6hr ride with high wattage, Simon for setting another new Harder than Hamish record (5:51 2k...FAST..)and most recently Andrew for setting new big island non wetsuit record.

Sunday morning we ran a hilly 90 minute run out in the Juan de Fuca trails. It was ok...made it through..nothing special. After that we regrouped, fueled up and went straight into a 4k open water swim in thetis. We did 5 efforts 4 with paddles just around the big island (6 mins i think?) then 1 around the big and small without paddles (9 mins) I was wimpy and wore a wetsuit so i got too lead most of the workout...apparently my sighting is a little rusty.... :S a 1r spin in the icing and we're done!

Monday was an ez day with 3k open water swim with some short interval games and a 45 min ez run..massage with Kim and relaaaaax....

Tuesday was a hard swim in the morning.. 5k with 35x100 hard broken at 8,7,6,5,4,3,2 with 2x50 ez. I struggled on this set! I could not for the life of me get under 1;12's i started going 13's and 12's on the set of 6 and could not go any faster...frustrating! Then I met Jill and Colin for some motorpacing with Joel. We met downtown where the highway starts and went hard all the way to the waddling dog loop in Sidney..hard around the loop with 2nd half TT. I had a good TT...saw lots of time in the 300's for watts...good for me...crazy headwinds made me push harder!...ez to the first lights then hard all the way home. Man that was a tough ride...i dont think i have ever ridden as hard as i did on the way home 2nd in line dying at 340 watts getting popped and sprinting back up...Colin gave me a couple pushes which i could not have been more grateful for! then ride home, quick transition into the running shoes and off running to beacon hill where i did 1 harder than Hamish loop with double hills at effort. I was surprised at how good it felt..then another 30 mins to round out the workout. Food, icing DONE

Wow this is going to be a long blog entry...apologies! You may want to go get a snack and come back later..

Wednesday was another good day..swim was 4500 of good paddle work (6x400) and some descending 50's...arms definitely not recovered from Tuesday... then I got to use Simon's woodwind treadmill for the first time...soo nice..cushy.. i had a good run.. 1:20 total time with 8x3' at 10.3 mph but each minute upped the incline from 2%, to 4 to 6.. the 2 was ez, 4 wasn't too bad and 6 was pretty tough. group icing (even Pippa joined) and thats it.

Thursday we swam 4k ez and a 3hr hilly ride.

Friday was a good open water swim at Thetis. Small island warm up (900m) big island steady effort, then big island to the wall effort! New nonwetsuit record set by Andrew buut drafting off Keiren, our NZL friend in a wetsuit..hmm... still the record was smashed by 20 seconds... ez run and done...also enjoyed fabulous dinner by Dano that fueled us up for Saturday mornings adventures...

We met at Thetis and rode into Metchosin for a 27k super hilly steep hills HURT. Got popped by the guys but Jill and I had the pleasure of working with 2 time mt. bike World Champ Alison Sydor (i think i butchered the spelling of her name there) then off the bike into and solid run session. 3k tempo, 2k faster, 3x1k best average, 4x400 all out...I had a good run..probably my best since before Des Moines. Rode back out to thetis, iced went to the Moss St market for some salmon burgers..(how west coast are we?!) and back to my parents for some cookies and banana bread with my mama.. another run before dinner..2nd icing session and I am FRIED.

Today i woke up thinking this 90 min hilly run would be a killer but i actually felt really good and was able to put the gas on after 15 mins for the rest of the run. Just like last week, we went straight to Thetis for a swim. Small island warm up...3k broken up into intervals of 2-5 mins with and without paddles. I felt good on this one...ez ride with the Fairfield boys, icing and here we are...ready for a massage tomorrow!

Wow loong post... I found some good photos off Joel's site from Salford and have added them to the Salford post if anyone is interested....

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