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Sold: a $4000 pair of carbon fiber Oakley sunglasses

Posted Mar 08 2010 10:05am


You've probably heard of hand built cars, but what about hand built sunglasses?

Oakley has a pair that you might like...especially if you fancy carbon fiber and the newest technology.

But of course hand built carbon fiber sunglasses and the newest technology don't come cheap.

That's why you better also have very deep pockets to afford the Oakley C SIX top of the line Oakley eye wear.

How much? $4000.00 USD to be exact.

But at least one Oakley customer thought that price to be fair.

A few months ago Melbourne, Australia resident Robert Lang became the first person to buy a pair and pick them up at Oakley headquarters in California.

"I am a collector of the Oakley pieces that I think are outside of the box and revolutionary. I prefer the more high end or different pieces than the standard typical offerings. I knew C SIX was something different, and something I felt like I hadn’t seen from Oakley in a few years.

Also, in my line of work I use similar processes in terms of manufacturing and machining, and I understand the work that goes into creating products like C SIX. I have a respect for it," said Lange.

4af9a845e6ebe So what do you get for $4000 besides some very expensive eye wear as well as a personal meeting with the president of the company and the designer of the sunglasses (see photo above)?

According to Oakley's web site you also get:

  • Computer Numeric Controlled machining with 0.002" precision
  • 24 hours of continuous tooling
  • Hand assembly
  • Hexalobular bolts for improved impact protection
  • Oakley High Definition Optics
  • Iridium® lens coating for balanced light transmission
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